How Do Your Teeth ‘Feel’?

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Our Surbiton dentists discuss how tooth sensation can indicate underlying problems.

As experienced cosmetic dentists, naturally we hear a lot from patients about how they would like their teeth to look. Some request whiter teeth, whilst others are more concerned about their crooked teeth and want them straightened as quickly as possible.

Equally though, the way our teeth feel is also important and may help us to know whether they are actually as healthy as they might look. Below, we take a look at some of the sensations that people experience with their teeth, along with potential causes.

Minor aches

Whilst patients will nearly always attend a local Surbiton dentists when they are in pain, some choose not to make an appointment where the discomfort is very minor. Even if you experience a level of discomfort that can be managed without painkillers, this is almost always a sign that something is wrong and should not be ignored. If you do not receive early treatment, you may end up with a severe toothache and in need of a more invasive dental procedure later on.

Uneven bite

Some patients barely notice an uneven bite, whilst for others, the way that their teeth meet feels unusual and, whilst perhaps not uncomfortable, may feel unnatural. Although this sensation may not cause any pain, if you have an uneven bite the likelihood is that, over time, your teeth will wear down and the enamel become damaged. In some cases, an uneven bite may even cause a tooth to break. It is best to have this problem corrected using one of our wide range of braces available at the Confidental Clinic.

Sensitive teeth

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Oral Cancers – Prevention And Detection

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What our Surbiton dentists look for during routine examinations.

During your regular six monthly dental examinations, our dentists will inspect for many things. Some of these are fairly obvious and include looking for signs of dental decay and gum disease. In addition to this, they also play an important front line role in the fight against oral cancers.

Although oral cancers may not have grabbed the attention of people in the way that breast and lung cancers have, there were over two thousand deaths from this in 2014 with many more people suffering from it in other ways. As with all cancers, the earlier it can be detected, the better the chance of effective treatment.

Increased oral cancer risks

A number of factors can increase the risk of oral cancer. The leading one of these is, unsurprisingly, smoking. Thankfully, most people are starting to realise the dangers of smoking tobacco products and have managed to stop altogether, or have switched to an alternative such as vaping.

Alcohol consumption can also contribute to oral cancer, especially if you are a regular drinker. There are other medical factors too which might raise the risk, including HPV. At the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton, we encourage those at a higher risk to take extra care of their oral health and, if recommended, see us more regularly to be extra vigilant.

Detection and symptoms

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Improving Smiles For Our Surbiton Dental Patients!

How we use the Six Month Smiles system to straighten teeth in shorter time.

A number of people are put off wearing traditional dental braces due to their “wires and brackets” structure being highly visible in the mouth. This is understandable and is one reason why many adults in the UK continue to live with crooked or uneven teeth.

As well as the way that this affects their appearance, it can also have an effect on the condition of their teeth; for example, an uneven bite may cause wearing down of enamel on opposing teeth.

For most people though, it is the appearance of their teeth which leads them to consider having dental braces in the first place. For those who have considered them, but may have been deterred both by the visibility and the long time that some types have to be worn, we have some good news! Our Surbiton based cosmetic dentists offer a solution in the form of the Six Month Smile orthodontic system.

What is the Six Month Smile?

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Could Your Headaches Be Caused By A Dental Problem?

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The causes and treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding)

Headaches can be caused by a number of things; stress, a blow to the head or even a hangover. Generally, these are temporary and we are usually aware of the causes and can take action to avoid them happening too frequently.

Some people though, find that their headaches are persistent and often cause quite significant discomfort which they find hard to get relief from. In today’s blog, we take a look at some possible causes of such headaches which could be related to dental issues, and the treatment available for our Surbiton patients.

Persistent headaches

If you do suffer from a persistent headache, it is important to have this checked by your doctor for diagnosis, and where necessary, early treatment, should it prove to be a medical condition. Providing that any medical issues have been ruled out, the next step to take is to arrange an appointment at the Surbiton based Confidental Clinic where our dentists will examine you and assess whether your pain may be caused by bruxism.

Teeth grinding

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The Osseointegration Process – A Closer Look At Dental Implants

The role patients play in successful dental implant placement.

Placing a dental implant requires a high degree of skill and it is for this reason that any dentist wishing to provide them is required to undergo a number of additional years of training before being qualified to do so.

This degree of skill, along with experience and use of high quality dental implants, means that the success rate of this procedure at our Surbiton practice is extremely high.

This does not mean that things can’t go wrong though, and the patient also has a role to play in the success of their implant placement. Today’s blog takes a look at what you can do to help us to help you with a successful procedure.


Once a dental implant has been placed by one of our skilled Surbiton dentists, using top quality implants and the latest technology to ensure the necessary precision, the next stage is largely down to nature. Because the bone in the jaw accepts titanium as a suitable material, it will start to bond and fuse with the new artificial tooth root. This procedure will take approximately three months to complete, and, whilst failure is rare, the risks can be increased by not taking care of the new implant, especially in the early stages.

Patient responsibility

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Reshaping Your Gums For A Nicer Smile

Laser gum treatment available at our Surbiton dental practice.

Most people who are seeking to improve their smile are likely to go to a cosmetic dentist for a procedure such as teeth whitening and treatments like this certainly do offer an excellent way to have great looking teeth.

For some people, whilst these procedures can improve their smile, the shape of their gums can also detract from it. Where gums are uneven or misshapen, people may well notice this before they even register the whiteness of your teeth.

This is a problem that can also be rectified by having your gums contoured at the Confidental dentists clinic in Surbiton.

Gum contouring

Traditionally, this procedure would have been performed using a surgical scalpel. Whilst this is effective, it also causes a significant amount of bleeding and subsequent soreness whilst the wounds heal. Some foods, especially acidic ones, would need to be avoided for a while due to the discomfort they would cause to the gums.

Modern gum shaping no longer requires the use of a scalpel and, instead, a fine laser is used to shape the gums. This is a much more comfortable and accurate method, and, in addition, cauterises the wound as it goes, minimising any bleeding. Naturally, you are likely to experience a little soreness for a few days following the procedure, but your gums will soon return to normal and taking appropriate pain killing medication should be sufficient to keep any discomfort to a minimum. In most cases, a local anaesthetic will be given for the duration of the procedure.

Gummy smiles

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Children And Dental Braces

Options for correcting orthodontic problems in children at our Surbiton practice.

Whilst we can, and do, treat patients of all ages for problems with crooked and uneven teeth, correcting this problem in teenagers is especially important as it both enables them to keep their teeth healthier by making them easier to clean, but equally importantly can be used to resolve problems such as overcrowding.

Providing that the child is 18 years old or younger, they may be eligible to receive NHS orthodontics. This will depend on the severity of the problem, and mild overcrowding or other cosmetic issues may not be treated in this way on the NHS. We also receive a limited amount of NHS funding and our Surbiton patients may have to wait for a while before receiving treatment.

Private orthodontics

NHS orthodontics are the traditional type that most of us probably know – sometimes called “train track” braces. Whilst these do work well, they come at the cost of it being obvious to everyone that you are wearing braces. As these may have to be worn for some time, this may be quite troubling for more sensitive teenagers. If you wish to avoid a potential waiting time for treatment, or would prefer to have what are known as ‘near-invisible’ braces for your child, we offer a wide selection of these privately to suit a variety of problems.

The use of each may depend on the age of the child as their facial features change during the teenage years and we need to take account of this before deciding the appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of invisible braces

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Dentures – Still A Good Option For Replacing Lost Teeth?

Our Surbiton dentist looks at the role dentures still play in modern dentistry.

Many an article has been written about dental implants and how they are the future of artificial teeth replacement. Given that it now seems to be widely accepted that implants are the best method to replace lost teeth, does this mean that dentures are, in effect, redundant in modern dentistry?

Modern dentures

First of all, we should perhaps acknowledge that modern dentures are a great improvement on those worn by our parents, and their parents before them. Not only do they look more natural, thanks to modern production methods, but they also  fit better and are more comfortable to wear. Whether you choose standard acrylic dentures or the latest flexible Valplast dentures, you should find that they provide a natural appearance and an acceptable level of comfort.

Who wears dentures?

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Root Canal Therapy at a Surbiton Dentist

Why this tooth saving treatment is not as painful as you might imagine.

Root canal treatment has, for some time, had an undeserved reputation for being the ultimate in bad dental experiences. Despite the fact that thousands of people have received this restorative treatment without discomfort, this reputation seems to persist.

In fact, root canal treatment is an excellent solution where a tooth has become infected internally. Below, we take a look at what really happens during the procedure and also take a look at how it is used to enable the patient to keep their natural tooth.

Infected root canals

The root canals of the teeth are where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Normally these will be protected by the enamel exterior of our teeth. When the enamel is damaged through decay or breakage, it can expose the porous dentin layer to the bacteria in our mouth and gradually this can cause infection of the nerves in the root canals, often accompanied by very bad toothache. When this problem arises, the infected pulp cannot simply be treated, but must be removed by performing root canal treatment at our Surbiton practice.

The procedure

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Put Some ‘Spring’ Into Your Skin

Botox and dermal filler treatments at our Surbiton practice.

Although it is far from certain that the winter weather is over, many of you will probably have noticed the first signs of spring with the potential promise of warmer weather ahead. It is often around this time of year when many people start to think about their holidays and generally going out more once the warmer weather arrives.

The warmer weather also often improves our appearance as the sun provides the vitamin D that we need for healthy skin, and the heat of the sun can bring a certain glow to our faces.

For many people though, although there is improvement in their skin tone, the lines and wrinkles that occur over the years can leave them less than satisfied with their appearance.

Facial rejuvenation

At the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton, we have a fully trained and experienced facial aesthetics team on hand to help you to ease out the lines and wrinkles that can detract from your appearance. With a simple and rapid procedure, you can, again, have smooth  and younger looking skin for your summer holiday and beyond.

Wrinkle Removal

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