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Dental Braces For Teenagers in Surbiton

Cosmetic and NHS braces to straighten your teenage children’s teeth. Having crowded teeth is a relatively common problem amongst teenagers, and many may need the help of orthodontic treatment to correct it. Whilst most teenagers will hope to avoid the

Should I Be Worried About Oral Cancer?

Awareness and action are key to minimising the risks. You may have noticed recently, quite a large number of articles in the media about oral cancer. It is quite possible though, that unless you read our Surbiton dental blogs regularly,

Seasons Greeting From Our Surbiton Dentists

Some festive ideas for maintaining teeth and gum health over Christmas. As we start to wind down for the Christmas holidays, it is worth taking a few moments to consider how we can ensure that we don’t have a problem

Worn Teeth Caused By Bruxism

Teeth grinding is a difficult habit to break, but when you have, our Surbiton dentists can help. It is quite possible that you grind your teeth without really being aware that you do so. The majority of people suffering from

Planning To Stop Smoking In The New Year?

Our Surbiton dentists discuss vaping, the most popular alternative to smoking. If you are planning to include stopping smoking on your new year resolution list, then we are delighted for you. Not only will this mean that you are less

Eating Without Dentures Or Dental Implants

It is possible to eat without any teeth, but is this a good idea? Although perhaps much rarer these days, it wasn’t unusual, in the past, to see an older person eating an apple simply by using their gums. It

Lip Enhancement To Complete A Great Looking Smile

Dermal fillers complementing a teeth whitening procedure. There are many aspects of our bodies that change as we get older, usually for the worse! With regards to our facial features, our skin becomes wrinkled and our teeth often darken simply

Just Six Months To A New Smile For Spring!

Cosmetic braces – a comfortable, speedy and discreet route to straighter teeth. As winter sets in, many of us will use this time of year to reflect on the previous months, but also the year to come and how we

Taking Care Of Your Dental Veneers

Cleanliness, security and longevity. Dental veneers are popular as a means of whitening teeth that have become heavily stained, which can occur through smoking or heavy consumption of teeth staining foods or drinks, such as tea or red wine. Veneers

Why Older Patients May Be More Prone To Bad Breath

Extra care of our oral health as we grow older. When we are young and healthy, we tend to think that it will always be that way. Unfortunately, ageing happens to all of us and many consequences of this which