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Bargain Dental Implants Overseas? Beware!

Cutting corners on dental implant placement could prove to be a bad mistake. As reports in the newspapers seem to be indicating, money is starting to get a little tight for some people. Generally, when this happens, we look at

Restoring Your Smile With Dental Veneers In Surbiton

Cracked, chipped and badly stained teeth can look great again! It is not unusual for a patient to come to our Surbiton practice, asking to have their teeth whitened. In most cases, following an examination of their teeth and general

Looking After Your Baby’s Teeth

Oral health advice for very young children. If you have recently had a baby, probably the last thing on your mind is how to look after their teeth; getting enough sleep is more likely to be a priority! Taking a

Discreet Solutions For Straighter Teeth

If you are looking for ‘invisible’ braces in Surbiton, look no further! Most people have heard of dental braces and the request to have teeth straightened is one of the most common that we hear from patients at the Confidental

The Use Of Dental Crowns At Our Surbiton Practice

Offering strength and stability, dental crowns provide a solution to a number of dental problems. Dental crowns offer an excellent means of restoring a tooth and are used in a number of procedures. They can be made from a number

Your Gums – Health And Aesthetics

Look after your gums for a healthy and attractive smile. Most of us will have been told to clean our teeth when younger. Probably though, fewer will have been told to clean their gums as well. This is unfortunate as

Smoother Skin The Easy Way In Surbiton

A simple procedure is all that it takes to give you younger looking skin. Whatever the results of today’s elections, the one thing that we can all be certain of is that, tomorrow, we will wake up one day older.

How Do Your Teeth ‘Feel’?

dental surgery

Our Surbiton dentists discuss how tooth sensation can indicate underlying problems. As experienced cosmetic dentists, naturally we hear a lot from patients about how they would like their teeth to look. Some request whiter teeth, whilst others are more concerned

Oral Cancers – Prevention And Detection

Confidental in Surbiton

What our Surbiton dentists look for during routine examinations. During your regular six monthly dental examinations, our dentists will inspect for many things. Some of these are fairly obvious and include looking for signs of dental decay and gum disease.

Improving Smiles For Our Surbiton Dental Patients!

How we use the Six Month Smiles system to straighten teeth in shorter time. A number of people are put off wearing traditional dental braces due to their “wires and brackets” structure being highly visible in the mouth. This is