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Lip Enhancement To Complete A Great Looking Smile

Dermal fillers complementing a teeth whitening procedure. There are many aspects of our bodies that change as we get older, usually for the worse! With regards to our facial features, our skin becomes wrinkled and our teeth often darken simply

Tooth Replacement Methods – The Pros And Cons

Our Surbiton dentist looks at dentures, bridges and implants to replace missing teeth. Although it can be devastating when we lose a tooth, especially in our younger years, there are now several options available to replace those which are missing.

5 Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad For Your Teeth And Gums

Our Surbiton dentist takes a look at why it’s worth the effort to stop smoking. It seems quite strange that there was a time that almost everyone smoked. Not only that, but cigarettes were advertised positively and even recommended for

How Do Your Teeth ‘Feel’?

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Our Surbiton dentists discuss how tooth sensation can indicate underlying problems. As experienced cosmetic dentists, naturally we hear a lot from patients about how they would like their teeth to look. Some request whiter teeth, whilst others are more concerned

Oral Cancers – Prevention And Detection

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What our Surbiton dentists look for during routine examinations. During your regular six monthly dental examinations, our dentists will inspect for many things. Some of these are fairly obvious and include looking for signs of dental decay and gum disease.

Could Your Headaches Be Caused By A Dental Problem?

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The causes and treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding) Headaches can be caused by a number of things; stress, a blow to the head or even a hangover. Generally, these are temporary and we are usually aware of the causes and

Reshaping Your Gums For A Nicer Smile

Laser gum treatment available at our Surbiton dental practice. Most people who are seeking to improve their smile are likely to go to a cosmetic dentist for a procedure such as teeth whitening and treatments like this certainly do offer

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and Bruxism

Solutions for headaches or a painful jaw in Surbiton. Many of us will have felt a click in the jaw, or perhaps a little discomfort from time to time which goes on to rectify itself fairly quickly. For others though,

Treatment For Stained Teeth At Confidental, Surbiton

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Embarrassed about stained and yellowing teeth? We can help…. Tooth discolouration is one of the most common reasons people come into our friendly clinic to talk about cosmetic dentistry treatments. It can be very distressing depending on the extent of

Why Avoiding Fillings Is Never A Good Idea

Act quickly to avoid further dental treatment At our Surbiton dentist we are always pleased to provide our patients with as much information as possible, because it leads to a transparent and professional dental service from us. The more informed