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9 June 2015

Improving your appearance and confidence at Confidental in Surbiton.

Isn’t it great to smile? Here at our Surbiton dentist – Confidental – we have lots of people smiling after their appointments with us.

Patients fresh from cosmetic dentistry eager to show off their ‘A lister’ smile, children proudly leaving their first checkup with us, and patients who have been with us a long time, smiling as they chat with our friendly staff – there are lots of reasons to smile in our clinic.

Here are 10 great reasons to smile;

1. It Can Help To Make Your Immune System Stronger

According to many different medical studies, smiling can be beneficial to your immune system. It lowers your heart rate and makes your body relax which in turn strengthens your immune system.

2. It Makes You Happy!

Forcing yourself to smile actually boosts your mood, even if you’re feeling a bit glum when you do it. The simple physical act of smiling releases serotonin which in turn makes you feel happy. Give it a go – force yourself to grin for a minute, if you don’t burst out laughing (which cheers you up anyway) we bet you’ll feel a boost of mood afterwards.

3. It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

When you smile your endorphin levels rise, which in turn reduces your blood pressure.

4. It Makes You More Attractive

Various studies have shown that smiling makes you appear more genuine, flirtatious, attractive and trustworthy.

5. It Makes You More Memorable

If you smile a lot and appear positive, you’ll be remembered by those you meet. Get your gorgeous grin out everywhere and anywhere and be the person someone remembers for being a ray of shining light.

6. You’ll Draw People To You

When you smile you give off positivity, which in turn draws people to you. Think about the people in your life, who do you enjoy spending time around the most? The people moaning and frowning all the time, or the ones who smile and laugh, who are constantly positive?

7. You’ll Could Be More Likely To Succeed

When you smile in an interview studies suggest that you are 3 times more likely to be remembered than those who don’t. If you are employed, you are also more likely to get a promotion if you smile a lot. Smiling (as above) makes you appear more attractive and studies have shown that attractive people are perceived to be more approachable, friendly, successful and clever and those attributes are real ingredients for success.

8. It Will Help You Regain Your Youth

As well as cosmetic dentistry procedures like our smile makeover enabling patients here at our Surbiton dentist to look years younger, smiling itself actually makes you look younger. It gives you a glow and a high percentage of people find smiling a more attractive feature than makeup.

9. You’ll Could Actually Gain A Few Years On Your Life

Smiling makes you feel more positive and positivity can add years onto your life. The happier you are, the more relaxed you are which means less stress on your heart and the healthier your heart is, you increase the chances of living for longer.

10. You May Perform Better At Work

By smiling you boost your mood which in turns contributes to productivity and perhaps puts you in a better place to attract promotions.

So if we’ve convinced you that a great smile really can help in lots of different ways, why not give your local dentist in Surbiton a call and arrange a consultation so we can help you to make the best of yours? Our friendly team are available on 020 8399 1291.

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