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11 October 2017

Safe and effective teeth whitening at our Surbiton dental practice.

We are just starting to see the early signs of colder weather to come. The coolness of early evenings and the leaves falling from the trees show that autumn is here, and the warmth and brightness will soon seem a long way behind us. Not everything has to be dull at this time of the year though, and, at the Confidental Clinic, we have the means to bring back the whiteness of your smile both safely and effectively.

Most people’s teeth will discolour over time as the inner part of our teeth naturally darken. Some habits, such as smoking or drinking red wine or tea, will also cause some surface staining. Whilst good brushing is important for our general oral health, and will also remove some of the surface staining, it will not remove it all, and won’t remove the discolouration caused by internal darkening.

Teeth whitening procedure

The teeth whitening treatment at the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton is a very popular one with our patients. It is a convenient and comfortable system that is perfectly safe providing that it is performed or monitored by trained professionals. The first step in having your teeth whitened is to see one of our cosmetic dentists, who will examine you and discuss the most appropriate way forward.

We will first of all make sure that there are no underlying oral health issues such as decay or gum disease before we commence this treatment. Impressions are then taken of the teeth, and trays made from this, into which the whitening ingredient is placed.

Stage one of the process is to provide you with whitening gel and the trays and you will be given full instructions on how to use these at the time. The trays are designed to be worn at home for a few hours each day, for approximately a fortnight. You will then be invited back to our practice for a further examination to see how things have progressed.

The next stage will depend on you, the patient. For some, the results seen at this time will be sufficient as not everyone will wish to have really white teeth and may simply be looking for relatively small improvements. For those who wish their teeth to be even whiter, we may discuss the option of continuing with a home whitening kit, or using our in-house teeth whitening procedure to whiten your teeth, using a special light to accelerate the process.

The end result of this convenient process is that you will have great looking teeth again and the new whiteness should last for many months before it starts to fade. These treatments can be repeated as often as you wish with minimal risk to your teeth.

If you would like a whiter smile for the autumn months, why not contact our Surbiton cosmetic dental practice by calling us on 020 8399 1291.

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