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10 February 2017

Stabilising dentures with dental implants, and other teeth replacement alternatives.

Two relatively common complaints about dentures, by wearers, is that they can be uncomfortable, often rubbing against the gums and causing soreness.

The other issue for some people is that their dentures are no longer as stable as they were when first fitted. Because of this they may have a tendency to move around in the mouth, potentially causing  social embarrassment when they do so at the wrong moment!

Dentures do, of course, vary in quality although we are confident that the cosmetic dentures that we offer at our handy Surbiton dental practice, provide an excellent choice for those who wish to have dentures to replace their missing teeth.

Extra stability

Although dentures can be stabilised, to some extent, by the special adhesives that are available, this is not foolproof, and is also an additional step for patients to take in the care of their dentures. There is, however, a method of stabilising dentures which will stop them from moving around in the mouth. This requires a one-off dental procedure, after which, with regular care, your dentures should be held securely in the mouth, freeing you from the worry of them becoming loose or uncomfortable.

By placing a few dental implants, usually between two and four, into the jaw and allowing them to heal and integrate for a few months, the implants will form firm anchors to hold your dentures in place. This process still allows for removal of the denture for regular cleaning.

Same day implants

Another alternative, and one that some former denture wearers are turning to, is a full fixed bridge anchored in place by implants. This does away with the need for dentures entirely. By placing usually four, but sometimes five or six, dental implants into the jawbone, a fixed bridge can be attached, providing a near-instant new set of teeth that can be used very quickly following the procedure. We do advise, however, that soft foods are eaten initially for your own comfort and to allow the implants to heal and stabilise fully.

This procedure has a number of benefits over traditional dentures. Once placed and the bridge fitted, your new replacement teeth remain in the mouth and are not removed for cleaning. Naturally, your gums will still need to be cleaned to avoid gum disease and we will give you full instructions about aftercare following the procedure.

This method also eliminates any soreness of the gums which denture wearers sometimes suffer from, and, although the implant procedure is relatively invasive initially,  any slight discomfort and inconvenience is well worth it as you will gain a secure and trouble free set of new replacement teeth which should serve you well for many years.

To discuss our cosmetic dentures, dental implants or any other tooth replacement method, please contact the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton on 020 8399 1291.

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