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24 May 2018

With appropriate care, veneers offer many years of great looking, beautiful white teeth!

If you have ever looked at your teeth and done a little research on how to whiten them, you will probably have come up with either a whitening toothpaste or a teeth whitening procedure as the best ways to achieve this.

We have covered whitening toothpastes in previous blogs, but a brief reminder that they are largely ineffective, having only a minimal impact on the colour of your teeth.

Our Surbiton cosmetic dentists do offer a more effective solution with our home teeth whitening kits. These are fast acting and safe and offer great results. Patients do need to be aware though, that although the effects do last for several months, your teeth will start to gradually darken again over time. The treatment can be repeated as necessary for those seeking longer term whitening, whilst others use it as a one off treatment for events such as weddings.

Consistency and longevity

Whilst a lot of our Surbiton patients are happy to have their teeth whitened as and when they feel it necessary, some patients prefer to have a one off procedure that can keep teeth white for much longer; in fact, for around ten years. Unlike the teeth whitening procedure, this does require minor invasive treatment as a ‘payoff’ for the convenience of only having to have the procedure once.

The treatment we are referring to is the fitting of dental veneers. Instead of attempting to whiten the natural teeth, as in a teeth whitening procedure, veneers are used to replace the front surface of the teeth. This is a popular treatment where the teeth are too heavily stained for a whitening procedure or are heavily chipped and cracked.

Dental veneer procedure

In order to fit the veneers to the teeth, it is first of all necessary to remove an equivalent thickness from the front surface of the tooth. Usually this is around 1mm but can vary according to the individual’s teeth.

Although the procedure doesn’t involve any deep drilling, a local anaesthetic will still be given to minimise any discomfort. A dental burr is then used to carefully ‘shave’ away the damaged or badly stained tooth surface. Impressions will then be taken of the prepared teeth before temporary protective veneers are fitted. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory and you will be recalled in a week or so to have the temporary ones removed and your new porcelain dental veneers fitted. These are attached with a dental adhesive and then trimmed and polished to give them a superb, natural appearance.


Your new veneers should give you around ten years or so of service before you may need to consider replacing them. In this time, you should clean your teeth as you normally would. Remember that the veneer will not decay but your natural tooth can which may affect it’s security, so make sure to clean all of the tooth and not just the front! Although rare, veneers can ‘pop’ off if you bite down on hard objects such as your fingernails or a pencil, so this is best avoided. Should this happen, do not attempt to reattach them yourself, but contact us to have them professionally reattached.

If you would like to have whiter teeth but are not sure which is the best option for you, why not arrange an initial consultation with a member of the cosmetic dental team at our Surbiton practice? You can call the Confidental Clinic today on 020 8399 1291.

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