Month: June 2015

All About Invisalign

A closer look at this popular way of straightening teeth discreetly for our Surbiton patients. Braces are a treatment we commonly prescribe for children with misaligned or crooked teeth, and the standard metal brace is something many people will recognise

What To Do If You Have A Dental Emergency?

Call your emergency dentist in Surbiton straight away. Here at our Surbiton dentist surgery, we get a lot of patients coming to see us directly after a dental emergency. Such emergencies are extremely common and can occur through sport, eating

All About Dental Implants

Arguably the best option to replace missing teeth. Here at our Confidental Surbiton dentist we get lots of enquiries about dental implants, which are posts implanted into your jaw in order to hold replacement teeth in place. They are attached

Celebrity Smiles With Our Smile Makeover!

Modern dentistry to significantly enhance your appearance. Having a fantastic smile is important for lots of different reasons. It makes us feel confident, it makes us appear younger and it makes us appear healthier. A beautiful, healthy smile is truly

10 Great Reasons To Smile

white teeth

Improving your appearance and confidence at Confidental in Surbiton. Isn’t it great to smile? Here at our Surbiton dentist – Confidental – we have lots of people smiling after their appointments with us. Patients fresh from cosmetic dentistry eager to

Confidental Surbiton – The Modern Face Of Dentistry

More about your local dentist in Surbiton, Surrey. Welcome to the brand new Confidental Clinic Blog! Here you will find lots of information about us, dental industry news and general dental related stories – we’ve got so much to share