Month: February 2016

Your Child’s Teeth – Caring For Them Effectively

Oral health care for earlier years. There’s no denying that it is exciting when your child gets their teeth coming through. It is a major milestone and we all get excited about it; however, it can be quite daunting as

Your Baby’s Dummy – Things To Consider

Is your baby’s dummy doing more harm than good? Here’s what you need to know. Here at our Surbiton dentist in KT6, we strive to be a family-friendly practice which means we care for patients of all ages. We perform

Make Sure Your Teeth Stay White…..

…. Following Professional Whitening With Confidental Clinic in Surbiton! Having your teeth whitened at your local Surbiton dentist is a really great thing – we love seeing our patients grinning at the amazing different it has made to the aesthetics

3 Great Reasons To Visit The Dentist Before Valentine’s Day

Preparing for February 14th! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means lots of planning, regardless of your romantic status. Those going on a first date might be going to the shops to buy a new outfit, those in a relationship