Month: January 2017

Dental Care For Ex Smokers

If you’ve successfully kicked your smoking habit, here’s how we can help you. Smoking is a highly addictive habit as many readers of this blog will be only too aware of. Thankfully, the knowledge available about health issues, along with

Straighter Teeth Using ‘Invisible’ Invisalign Braces

Our Surbiton dental practice offers discreet and comfortable orthodontics One of the main barriers for people when it comes to having their teeth straightened, is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the thought of having a mouth full of metal braces. There is no

Looking After Your Dental Implants

dental implant front tooth

Longevity and aftercare Without a doubt, dental implants are a very effective method of replacing missing teeth. Acting as an artificial tooth root, implants offer a strength and stability that no other tooth replacement solution can. Whilst implant placement has