Month: February 2017

Root Canal Therapy at a Surbiton Dentist

Why this tooth saving treatment is not as painful as you might imagine. Root canal treatment has, for some time, had an undeserved reputation for being the ultimate in bad dental experiences. Despite the fact that thousands of people have

Put Some ‘Spring’ Into Your Skin

Botox and dermal filler treatments at our Surbiton practice. Although it is far from certain that the winter weather is over, many of you will probably have noticed the first signs of spring with the potential promise of warmer weather

Based in Surbiton and Suffering With Uncomfortable Dentures?

Stabilising dentures with dental implants, and other teeth replacement alternatives. Two relatively common complaints about dentures, by wearers, is that they can be uncomfortable, often rubbing against the gums and causing soreness. The other issue for some people is that

Reasons Not To Fear The Dentist

How we help anxious patients at our Surbiton dental practice. Does the thought of undergoing a dental procedure fill you with fear, worry and trepidation,  leaving you to endure the pain and discomfort of toothache, rather than see your dentist