Month: July 2018

The Rise Of ‘Fake News’ And Implications For Your Teeth

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Choosing to follow dental advice from unregulated resources may result in significant damage. Once upon a time, any advice given about medical issues was supplied by organisations such as the General Dental Council and distributed via dental practices and the

Am I Too Old To Have My Teeth Whitened?

Older couple smiling

How older generations can benefit from tooth whitening in Surbiton. A beautiful white smile is often associated with younger people, and especially those with TV careers of one sort or another. But many young people these days have benefited from

Treating Persistent Headaches And Jaw Problems In Surbiton

sensitive teeth

Could bruxism be responsible for these painful conditions? When we have a headache, we are often aware what the cause is. It may be due to stress, a hangover or even a migraine. We can usually manage these with painkiller