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Am I Too Old To Have My Teeth Whitened?

How older generations can benefit from tooth whitening in Surbiton. A beautiful white smile is often associated with younger people, and especially those with TV careers of one sort or another. But many young people these days have benefited from

Treating Persistent Headaches And Jaw Problems In Surbiton

sensitive teeth

Could bruxism be responsible for these painful conditions? When we have a headache, we are often aware what the cause is. It may be due to stress, a hangover or even a migraine. We can usually manage these with painkiller

Is Your Child Afraid Of The Dentist?

Our friendly Surbiton dentists offer some useful advice. Do you have to placate your child, or even offer them a ‘bribe’ when it is time for their dental visit? If so, now is probably a good time to try to

Gum Disease Home Remedies

The internet is awash with them, but do they really work? Gum disease is a common problem in the UK, and most of us will probably have it, to some degree, at various stages in our lives. If we are

Can You Prevent Your Teeth From Discolouring?

Our Surbiton cosmetic dentists discuss how to maintain whiter teeth. One of the most visibly obvious and common ‘defects’ of our teeth is when they lose their whiteness and start to become discoloured. This discolouration might range from a loss

Beautiful, long-lasting dental veneers available in Surbiton

white teeth

With appropriate care, veneers offer many years of great looking, beautiful white teeth! If you have ever looked at your teeth and done a little research on how to whiten them, you will probably have come up with either a

The Use Of 3D Scans In Dental Implant Placement

Pre-planning and accuracy are essential for a successful implant surgery. Dental implant placement is a precise procedure that needs to be carefully planned to make sure that it is a success. Although, to the layman, it may seem that all

Maintaining Consistent Teeth Whiteness

How cosmetic treatments can help you to have consistently whiter teeth. Cleaning your teeth regularly and correctly can help you to have whiter teeth for longer, simply by removing some surface staining. Depending on your eating and drinking habits though,

Your Surbiton Dentist Advises What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth

Tooth loss in children can happen at any age, with different consequences. In an ideal world, our children would lose their baby teeth and then go on to have a full, even and healthy set of great looking adult teeth.

Will Cutting Down On Sugar Benefit Your Teeth?

With the new sugar tax, can we expect to see a fall in numbers of patients with tooth decay? The sugar tax has been in the news recently, with a significant price rise for products containing higher amounts of sugar.