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Correcting An Overbite

Using discrete orthodontics to address the problem in Surbiton An overbite is a relatively common problem in both adults and children. It is often genetic but can also be caused by habits such as thumb sucking and even biting your

A Third Of UK Adult Patients Don’t See A Hygienist

If you are one of the 33%, you may be letting down your teeth. A recent study has shown that around a third of all adult UK dental patients have never had an appointment with the dental hygienist, with over

Five Tips For Fresher Breath From Your Surbiton Dentists

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Making conversations easier by banishing bad breath. Bad breath, or halitosis, is not uncommon. Most of us will probably have experienced a desire to move rapidly away from someone who we are talking to, when we experience the unpleasant odour

Sedation For Nervous Dental Patients In Surbiton

‘Sleep dentistry’ – helping even the most nervous patients receive treatment. Anxious dental patients are common and understandably we welcome them here at the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton. Overall, most patients do manage to work through their anxiety sufficiently to

Should I Be Worried About Having Sore Gums?

Ignoring relatively minor symptoms can have long lasting consequences. With work commitments and bringing up a family, life can be very busy indeed, and an additional trip to the Surbiton dentist can be seen by some as just one more

Understanding Your Teeth

A little self education about our teeth and gums can help to improve our oral care. Most of us go through our daily lives following long standing routines; sometimes adjusting them because of advice we have read about diet or

A Brief Overview Of Our Cosmetic Treatments

How we help our Surbiton patients change their smile for the better. There are many reasons why patients might want to improve the way that their teeth look. For some, problems such as crooked teeth can cause social embarrassment to

Why Do We Use Titanium Implants At Our Surbiton Practice?

Why this material is key to a successful dental implant placement. For any reputable implant dentist, using a high quality dental implant is extremely important. Although the cost of implants does make this particular tooth replacement method more expensive than

Dental Braces For Teenagers in Surbiton

Cosmetic and NHS braces to straighten your teenage children’s teeth. Having crowded teeth is a relatively common problem amongst teenagers, and many may need the help of orthodontic treatment to correct it. Before any braces are fitted, it is important

Should I Be Worried About Oral Cancer?

Awareness and action are key to minimising the risks. You may have noticed recently, quite a large number of articles in the media about oral cancer. It is quite possible though, that unless you read our Surbiton dental blogs regularly,