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A Third Of UK Adult Patients Don’t See A Hygienist

If you are one of the 33%, you may be letting down your teeth. A recent study has shown that around a third of all adult UK dental patients have never had an appointment with the dental hygienist, with over

Why Older Patients May Be More Prone To Bad Breath

Extra care of our oral health as we grow older. When we are young and healthy, we tend to think that it will always be that way. Unfortunately, ageing happens to all of us and many consequences of this which

Treating Gum Disease At Confidental In Surbiton

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Preventing the UK’s largest cause of tooth loss. At your local Surbiton dentist we are pleased to provide a wide range of cosmetic and general treatments for our patients. One particularly important topic is prevention, and particularly preventing or treating

Visiting Your Dental Hygienist At Confidental Clinic In Surbiton

Good dental hygiene – great teeth and gums starts here! When you come to see us at Confidental, it may be that you’re coming for cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry or indeed a hygienist appointment. We have two dental hygienists at