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Correcting An Overbite

Using discrete orthodontics to address the problem in Surbiton An overbite is a relatively common problem in both adults and children. It is often genetic but can also be caused by habits such as thumb sucking and even biting your

Dental Braces For Teenagers in Surbiton

Cosmetic and NHS braces to straighten your teenage children’s teeth. Having crowded teeth is a relatively common problem amongst teenagers, and many may need the help of orthodontic treatment to correct it. Before any braces are fitted, it is important

Just Six Months To A New Smile For Spring!

Cosmetic braces – a comfortable, speedy and discreet route to straighter teeth. As winter sets in, many of us will use this time of year to reflect on the previous months, but also the year to come and how we

Choosing Invisalign Or Six Month Smile Orthodontics In Surbiton

Patient choice is important but first choices may not always be the most appropriate. Let’s be honest, the Internet is great. At the press of a few keys we can find out about the smallest town in the remotest part

Discreet Solutions For Straighter Teeth

If you are looking for ‘invisible’ braces in Surbiton, look no further! Most people have heard of dental braces and the request to have teeth straightened is one of the most common that we hear from patients at the Confidental

Improving Smiles For Our Surbiton Dental Patients!

How we use the Six Month Smiles system to straighten teeth in shorter time. A number of people are put off wearing traditional dental braces due to their “wires and brackets” structure being highly visible in the mouth. This is

Children And Dental Braces

Options for correcting orthodontic problems in children at our Surbiton practice. Whilst we can, and do, treat patients of all ages for problems with crooked and uneven teeth, correcting this problem in teenagers is especially important as it both enables

Straighter Teeth Using ‘Invisible’ Invisalign Braces

Our Surbiton dental practice offers discreet and comfortable orthodontics One of the main barriers for people when it comes to having their teeth straightened, is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the thought of having a mouth full of metal braces. There is no

Straighter Teeth – Problems and Treatments

Straightening your teeth isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, after all it can take a great deal of commitment, time, and expense, to ensure the best possible results. With this in mind we take a look at 3 of

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Damon Braces At Confidental, Surbiton

white teeth

Fast action braces…. Here at your local Surbiton dentist we take pride in providing you, our valued patients with a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry solutions. We actively seek the most modern treatments available within our field so