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The Lowdown On Charcoal Toothpaste

Our Surbiton dental team recommends taking care if you are considering this product. If you look in the dental section of a supermarket, you may well be overwhelmed by the different types of toothpaste and flossing equipment currently on sale.

Am I Too Old To Have My Teeth Whitened?

Older couple smiling

How older generations can benefit from tooth whitening in Surbiton. A beautiful white smile is often associated with younger people, and especially those with TV careers of one sort or another. But many young people these days have benefited from

Can You Prevent Your Teeth From Discolouring?

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Our Surbiton cosmetic dentists discuss how to maintain whiter teeth. One of the most visibly obvious and common ‘defects’ of our teeth is when they lose their whiteness and start to become discoloured. This discolouration might range from a loss

Maintaining Consistent Teeth Whiteness

How cosmetic treatments can help you to have consistently whiter teeth. Cleaning your teeth regularly and correctly can help you to have whiter teeth for longer, simply by removing some surface staining. Depending on your eating and drinking habits though,

A Whiter Smile For Autumn

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Safe and effective teeth whitening at our Surbiton dental practice. We are just starting to see the early signs of colder weather to come. The coolness of early evenings and the leaves falling from the trees show that autumn is

Dental Care For Ex Smokers

If you’ve successfully kicked your smoking habit, here’s how we can help you. Smoking is a highly addictive habit as many readers of this blog will be only too aware of. Thankfully, the knowledge available about health issues, along with

Start The New Year With A New Whiter Smile

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Simple customised home teeth whitening kits from our Surbiton dental practice. Christmas is a time when we are probably least concerned about how our teeth look. With the kids presents and getting the food prepared for Christmas dinner, there usually