Bone Graft and Sinus Lift For Dental Implants

Bone Graft for dental implant

When teeth are lost, sometimes the bone usually shrinks and reduces in size. When too much bone shrinkage has occurred, there is not enough bone available to place an implant. In these situations, we need to consider methods to increase the volume of bone available either in width or height or both, in order to plan implants.

The two main methods are bone grafting (which can be provided in any area of the mouth) or sinus lift (which is carried out in the upper jaw only). Our Implantologist, Dr Jignesh Patel at Confidental Clinic Surbiton can provide both these procedures where required in order to achieve the result you desire.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a method to rebuild any bone that is lost through trauma, gum disease, infections or the natural healing process.  The bone volume can be increased in all directions in order to produce the correct foundations for the final implants.  Here at Confidental Clinic Surbiton you can be assured that your Implantologist will be able to rebuild the lost bone using the latest techniques in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

A variety of sources are available for replacing lost bone such as bone taken from another area in your own jaw, animal sources or artificial sources.  Your Implantologist will discuss these options with you and the benefits and disadvantages of each type of bone graft.

The bone is rebuilt using the appropriate material and allowed to heal.  Following healing, we will then be able to start placing the required implant.

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a procedure carried out in the upper jaw in the region of the jaw sinuses at the back.   The upper jaw sinuses are small pockets of air which sit above the upper teeth at the back of the mouth.  Sometimes the floor of the sinus sits low down and limits the space for an implant to be placed.   Confidental Clinic Surbiton provides many sinus lifts when the sinuses prevent adequate implants to be placed.

A sinus lift involves pushing the floor of the sinus upward creating a space under the sinus which can be filled with some bone graft material to maintain the space created.  Sometimes implants can be placed on the same day which reduces your treatment time and Dr Patel will discuss this with you before the treatment.  Once the sinus have healed following a period of 6 months we can then place an implant if one was not placed on the same day.

Latest Techniques

At Confidental Clinic Surbiton we are proud to use some of the latest treatments and cutting edge technology to simplify the sinus lift procedure making the whole process more comfortable and can shorten treatment times.  This technique involves gently pushing up the sinus floor using a hydraulic device which allows the placement of the graft material at the same time and place implant directly.   This combine several procedures in one compared to the traditional methods and reduces the need for further surgery.

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