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5 January 2022

Can teeth be straightened at any age?

It is a common misconception that teeth straightening is only for children or adolescents when this really is not the case. Anyone at any age can turn to orthodontic treatment to help straighten their teeth, there is no age limit to fix this. Whatever your age, this post will explain all of the ins and outs of teeth straightening and the potential options available.

Can Teeth be Straightened at Any Age?

Yes, so as mentioned above you can have your teeth straightened at any age. This is a great benefit cosmetically and practically to fix imperfections that could become more serious over time. Regardless of your age, you want to look good and feel confident in your smile. Not only this but crooked teeth and other issues can develop as it becomes hard to floss, care for and brush misaligned teeth.

Why Should You Have Your Teeth Straightened?

Our smiles are so important, which is why getting treatment to straighten out your teeth is a great way to feel even more confident within yourself. Fixing that wonky or misaligned tooth is imperative for cosmetic happiness but will also positively affect the patient’s oral health. Teeth that are crooked or overlapped can harbour food build-up or more bacteria that can be hard to floss or brush away. This can end leading to more complications in the long run.

How Long Does Adult Orthodontic Treatment take?

Adult orthodontic treatment can vary in time based on the patient. Different types of orthodontic treatment will take longer than others, depending on the severity or scale of the treatment plan. Ultimately, the desired outcome will play a part in your teeth journey and its time scale. However, your orthodontist will assess your needs, teeth and will be able to give a more specific and accurate time frame.

What are the Different Types of Adult Braces?

There are a variety of brace types to choose from, whether you want something permanent or perhaps even removable. We have listed some of the most popular methods below, however, your orthodontist will be able to provide more detailed examples based on your personal needs.

  • Traditional brace – The traditional brace is made from metal and is a permanent fixture to your teeth until the desired outcome has been reached. Metal brackets will be attached to each tooth individually and be linked together by wires. Unfortunately, you should expect to wear this type of brace for longer than a child would. However, you can opt for ceramic braces to provide a more discrete look.
  • Lingual appliances- This method is great for adults who feel embarrassed or self-conscious about wearing braces. Lingual appliances are placed on the inner side of the teeth so are invisible to anyone else. This is perfect for adults who would rather keep their teeth straightening discrete, however, you may experience irritation by the lingual appliances on your tongue or find it difficult to speak as normal.
  • Clear aligners – Clear aligners are a very popular method of teeth straightening, particularly for adults. This is likely due to their favoured and discrete look. They are removable trays that fit over your teeth and will gradually move them to your desired location. They take a similar amount of time as traditional braces yet provide an extra layer of confidence due to their discrete nature. They can also be removed when brushing your teeth and eating.

To take a look at the Teeth Straightening treatments that we provide click here.

Benefits of having Braces as an Adult

There are a lot of benefits to having braces as an adult. One of the main benefits is a boost to your confidence, as finally being able to straighten or fix any misaligned teeth can really boost your self-confidence and overall happiness. Not only this but getting braces will promote dental health- therefore helping you preserve your natural teeth, reducing the potential need for implants or dentures in the future.

The disadvantages of having Braces as an Adult

There are some disadvantages when considering braces as an adult. One being your straightening process will take longer as an adult than it would for a child. Braces can be uncomfortable and could cause this discomfort when eating or speaking. Also, braces can be a costly treatment as you get older, whether it is cosmetic or for health reasons, so those are certainly factors to consider.

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