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4 December 2015

Expecting a baby? Don’t neglect you teeth and gums!

Here at our Surbiton dentist we provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as all the modern general dentistry services you might expect from a popular local dentist. As part of our general services we are trained in all aspects of oral care for children and adults, including specialist care and consideration for ladies who are pregnant.

During pregnancy many people consider their health a priority, cutting down on bad habits, eating healthier foods and ensuring they receive all the medical care they need. However, many people don’t automatically think about their oral care as part of that priority immediately when trying for a baby, or when they get pregnant. There are in fact specific oral care needs that a pregnant woman has, that need to be considered to keep both mum and baby happy and healthy.

Some pregnant women are prone to getting sore gums and swollen gums during pregnancy. The gums may also bleed because of a plaque build-up. Pregnant woman may have hormonal changes when pregnant which make their gums more vulnerable to plaque which leads to swelling and bleeding otherwise known as pregnancy gum disease.

Your Surbiton dentist can help you with this and we recommend you come and visit us as soon as you are planning on a baby so we can discuss your oral care needs during pregnancy, and so that we can get any treatments done before you get pregnant. We also recommend you let us know as soon as you get pregnant so that we can be aware of any medication or supplements that may affect your dental care, as well as any cravings you may be having (like lemons and sour sweets!) that may have an affect on your dental health.

Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy During Pregnancy

It is really important you keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean during pregnancy. As well as attending regular appointments at Confidental in Surbiton, it is also important you practice good oral hygiene.

  • Clean the teeth twice a day thoroughly
  • Brush using a toothbrush comfortable to hold and brush with
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods where possible
  • Avoid alcoholic mouthwashes
  • Quit smoking (you can find support with this on many online advice websites)
  • Rinse your mouth with water after vomiting if you suffer from morning sickness, do not brush your teeth until around an hour afterwards

Dental Treatments During Pregnancy

If you do need emergency dental treatment during pregnancy your dentist will discuss this with you, and how to provide it whilst keeping you and your baby safe. Ideally, any treatments you need like general dentistry, or treatments you want like cosmetic enhancements, will be completed before you get pregnant; which is why it is a great idea to visit us before you start trying for a baby!

Let Confidental, Surbiton, Keep Your Teeth And Gums Healthy During Pregnancy

If you are planning on getting pregnant, or are already pregnant, please give us a call on 02083991291 and we will get you booked in for an appointment to ensure your oral health is prioritised alongside other areas of your health care.

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