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16 June 2015

Modern dentistry to significantly enhance your appearance.

Having a fantastic smile is important for lots of different reasons. It makes us feel confident, it makes us appear younger and it makes us appear healthier. A beautiful, healthy smile is truly important and can be the key to improving our self esteem, and our overall positivity.

Are you happy with your smile? Do you feel like your teeth could do with a makeover? There are many reasons people can be unhappy with their smile. Perhaps you have been a smoker and find your teeth are stained from tobacco, or maybe you have neglected your oral health in the past and it shows in your teeth. It might simply be the case that your teeth are healthy, but you desire a smile to rival even the most famous celebrity grin.

Whatever your reason for wanting a better smile, here at your local Surbiton dentist we are experts in general and cosmetic dentistry and have lots of treatments we can offer you to help you get the smile you dream of.

A lot of our patients visit our Surbiton practice and talk to us about the smile improvements they would love, which is exactly why we designed our fantastic smile makeover.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is exactly as it sounds, a cosmetic dentistry process where we find out exactly what kind of smile you want, discuss our recommendations and then form a treatment plan in order to get you that celebrity smile you dream of. It can involve lots of different treatments including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants and cosmetic braces to name just a few – it is personally tailored to your individual needs.

How Does It Work?

Our smile makeover has four different stages. Each stage has been designed to ensure you’re getting the most effective and high quality service and treatment from us.

Stage 1 – Tailoring The Smile Makeover To Your Needs

When you come in for your initial consultation you will have lots of dedicated time with one of our smile designers. They will listen to your ‘smile wish list’ and record the way your teeth are at the beginning of the process, taking photographs so you can compare your ‘before and after’ photographs. During this process we will discuss your requirements, explain to you what we believe to be the best course of action in order to achieve your desired results and give you detailed explanations of what each treatment will involve. We will also be transparent with you in relation to costs and let you know how much the complete smile makeover will cost.

During this stage (this will be after your initial consultation) we will be able to replicate your own personal smile design on a plaster model and show it to you. This enables you to see the results you will be getting, and enables us to make any changes you request at this stage. When and only when you are completely happy with the smile design will we begin making plans to completely makeover your smile.

Here we take a quick look at dental veneers used for smile makeovers.

Stage 2 – Preparation

During this stage we will gently reshape your teeth in order to prepare them for the smile makeover. Local anaesthetic is sometimes used to ensure it is pain free, however, sometimes the reshaping is so gentle we don’t need to use local anaesthetic. Once the teeth have been prepared we take impressions of them and send them to our off-site laboratory. Temporary veneers will be made to the specifications of your smile design and then they are fitted to your teeth. At this stage you can again ask for any adjustments to be made before the smile design is completed and used to create the permanent veneers.

Stage 3 – Review

During this stage the smile design is reviewed and any necessary adjustments are made. The changes are documented and sent to the off site laboratory where the veneers are completed.

Stage 4 – Completion

During the final stage of your smile makeover, your new smile is checked, then fitted then checked again with you. Once you are completely happy with it we secure the veneers in place using a strong, dental adhesive. During this stage any minor adjustments are made and your teeth are polished up and ready to go!

These stages listed are based on the patient having veneers fitted, however, it may not be the case that they will be chosen/needed with each individual patient. In some cases the stages involve different types of cosmetic braces being fitted, crowns being fitted and tooth whitening being completed – it is individual to each patient.

Give Yourself Something To Smile About With Our Smile Makeover!

If you’re interested in coming to Confidental Surbiton for a smile makeover, please give us a call on 02083991291 and speak with one of our friendly staff to arrange a consultation.

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