Cosmetic Dentures

Whether you have a few teeth missing or the whole set, visit Confidental Clinic Surbiton where we can provide the very best in dentures.  Dentures are a cost effective solution to replace missing teeth in most situations and are suitable for virtually anyone and at any stage in life.

What are dentures?

A denture is a removable appliance which has teeth attached to it which replaces any missing teeth and provides the user with greater chewing ability.  At Confidental Clinic Surbiton, a number of types of dentures are available:

Acrylic Denture

These are the most cost effective denture with the base of the appliance and the teeth being made from acrylic resin.  This is the most common type of denture but the base is thicker than the other types of denture which is not to everyone's liking.  They offer greater flexibility however, in that they can repaired easily and teeth can be added to as time goes along and is the most common type of denture provided.

Cobalt-chrome dentures

These are a type of denture where the base plate is made from cobalt-chrome.  This allows the denture to be made very thin and light, yet strong and has high grade acrylic teeth to complete the aesthetic appearance.  Various designs are available with these types of denture.  The metal is not visible and clasps are usually in-built into the base frame giving additional grip and support.

Flexible Dentures

Our dentists at Confidental Clinic Surbiton also provide the very latest in flexible dentures.  These dentures are similar to the acrylic dentures in design and are metal free.  However, the base material is made from a flexible rubber like material called Valplast.  These types of dentures can also benefit from cosmetic clips which aids retention and is suitable for people who find the traditional acrylic dentures uncomfortable to wear.

How is a denture made?

Usually there are four appointments involved in providing a denture usually about 1 week apart.

1.  Initial Assessment and Impressions

Your dentist will assess your mouth and teeth and give you all the treatment options to replace the teeth and decide on the denture design.  Impressions are taken of the teeth and sent to the laboratory for the next stage.

2.  Final Impressions and Bite record

New impressions are taken using a customised impression tray based on the mould taken at the previous visit. In addition, the position of your bite is recorded using a softened wax block or silicone material.  The denture design is written and sent back to the laboratory for processing.

3. A prototype denture with teeth set up in wax is produced and returned to the clinic.  This can be fitted in the mouth to check the fitting, design and appearance.  Adjustments that are required at this stage are completed.  If you are happy with the prototype denture, it will be sent to the laboratory for processing.

4.  The finished denture will be fitted in the mouth and any minor adjustments are carried out.  Instructions will be given on how to look after the dentures.

Denture Excellence

Are all also pleased to welcome Wayne Riley to our clinical team.  Wayne is an experienced denture technician who has been making dentures for many years and has attended numerous courses worldwide to offer the very best in denture provision.  Wayne focuses on the highest quality dentures in all manner of applications such as complete and partial dentures, implant retained dentures and All on Four / Teeth in a day fixed teeth solutions.  Wayne's experience and expertise means that you will be given the very best standard in denture treatment. 

If you would like to discuss the types of dentures that are appropriate to restore your smile, contact Confidental Clinic Surbiton on 020 8399 1291 or email us at


Should I replace missing Teeth?

The replacement of missing teeth can help improve the aesthetics of your smile and stop teeth from drifting as well as improving chewing function.  When teeth are missing your other teeth have to work harder which can cause problems later on.

What type of denture do I need?

This is dependent on a number of factors such as the position and condition of the existing teeth.  Following a detailed examination and assessment, your dentist will discuss your most suitable options.

How do I look after my denture?

Our team at Confidental Clinic Surbiton recommend you brush your denture at the beginning and end of your day with a toothbrush  or denture brush.  The dentures should be left to soak in water overnight and should not be worn when sleeping.  Once or twice a week it is recommended to treat the denture with a denture sterilising tablet available from your dentist or local supermarket.

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