Damon Braces

Damon braces systems are a type of fixed orthodontic appliance that is clinically proven to reduce the length of your treatment but still benefitting from the advantages of traditional long term fixed brace treatment.    The major advantage of Damon braces is the elimination of the need for extraction of healthy teeth.

At Confidental Clinic Surbiton, we offer a Damon brace system for any of your needs.  Damon braces can be provided in clear options and are a more comfortable design than than the traditional fixed brace designs.

How Does the Damon braces system work?

Damon braces differ in design to the traditional fixed braces design.  The traditional brace brackets use elastic ties to secure the orthodontic wire to the brackets.    These elastic ties can create more resistance to moving teeth.  The Damon brace bracket has a groove inside the bracket that can be closed to secure the wire but allow the wire to sit free.

The result is a faster and more gentler tooth movement as the wire does not apply too much tightening pressure which can actually low tooth movements down. 

In addition, Damon brace wires encourage expansion of the jaws and teeth thus eliminating the need for tooth extraction and produces a much fuller and broader smile.  This makes Damon braces one of the best options to straighten the teeth as quickly as possible.

Our Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Jignesh Patel offers Damon treatments and can discuss all your options with you.  We offer a free consultation for any brace treatment.  To see if you could benefit from Damon braces please contact our clinic on 020 8399 1291 or email us at surbition@confidentalclinic.com

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