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14 January 2018

Cosmetic and NHS braces to straighten your teenage children’s teeth.

Having crowded teeth is a relatively common problem amongst teenagers, and many may need the help of orthodontic treatment to correct it.

Before any braces are fitted, it is important for our Surbiton dentists to thoroughly examine your children’s teeth, not only to determine if they require braces, but also to ensure that their facial features are sufficiently developed to justify them at this stage.

NHS braces

NHS braces for children are available for under 18’s that qualify for funding under current NHS requirements. There are criteria known as ‘orthodontic treatment need’ which determines whether the child is eligible for NHS braces. Unfortunately, as NHS funding is limited, those deemed not to have teeth that meet the requirements are unable to have orthodontics funded by the NHS. It should also be said that modern NHS braces, whilst certainly not offering the discretion of many cosmetic braces, are more refined than in the past and do a very good job at straightening teeth.

Cosmetic braces

If your child does not meet the requirements to have NHS braces, but is still unhappy with the way that their teeth appear, private dental options are available. There are a wide range of orthodontic systems currently available, at our Surbiton practice  which are suitable for older teenagers. Although these cosmetic braces do have to be paid for privately, we offer low, and no interest payment plans for over 18s to enable you to spread the cost.

An additional benefit of these cosmetic braces is that they are more discreet than the NHS ones, using either a series of transparent trays that fit over the teeth, or, where the more traditional method of wires and brackets are used, using finer and tooth coloured materials.

It is worth remembering that crooked teeth not only don’t look as attractive as straight and even teeth, but are more prone to problems such as decay and gum disease as they are harder to keep clean.

If you are concerned about your child having crooked teeth and would like to find out if they are eligible for NHS braces, or would like to find out more about our range of cosmetic braces for teenagers, please call the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton on 020 8399 1291.

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