Dental Bridges from Confidental Clinic in Surbiton

Dental bridges are provided at Confidental Clinic Surbiton to replace missing teeth. 

There are several advantages of dental bridges:

1.  Fixed teeth (no need to remove teeth daily)

2. Comfortable

3. Highly aesthetic

The disadvantages of having a dental bridge are

1. Teeth may require preparation to provide a bridge

2. Prognosis of the bridge is dependent on the condition of the supporting teeth

3. More difficulty cleaning between teeth especially if manual dexterity is compromised

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a laboratory made prosthesis which is secured using the adjacent teeth to the space.  Traditionally a bridge will have two tooth units which will attach to the adjacent teeth and connected between these units a false tooth is present to form a row of teeth that will replace the space and can be attached  to the adjacent teeth.  A dental bridge is usually glued into position using a special dental adhesive which enables you chew and speak confidently without the fear of the teeth dislodging or moving.  It is usually favoured over a denture where possible but is not suitable in every situation.

Types of Bridge

Maryland or minimal preparation bridges

These are a conservative type of bridge which involves limited or sometimes no preparation of the teeth.  The connecting units are in the form of a "wing" which is glued to the back potion of the tooth which is not visible.  These type of bridges are suitable where the biting pressures on the teeth are low and where it is essential avoid reshaping the teeth.  They can also be used as a temporary measure to replace front teeth whilst implants or other longer term options are being provided.

Conventional fixed bridges

A traditional bridge will involve the preparation of the two adjacent teeth to the space.  The preparation involved is similar to a tooth being prepared for a crown.  The prepared teeth are shaped so that they are parallel and therefore the bridgework can fit over all the teeth being used to support the bridge.   The dental bridge being made will appear like several teeth linked together with connecting ends fitting over the prepared tooth surfaces.

Some larger dental bridges also have fixed / movable joints which acts to reduces the stresses that can occur with these larger dental bridge designs.

Hybrid dental bridge

A hybrid dental bridge is a bridge that is a mixture between the minimal preparation bridge and the conventional bridge. This is usually the case when we want to avoid reshaping some of the supporting teeth but preparing the others with a conventional design.


Following a detailed examination and assessment, an appointment is arranged to have the teeth prepared in order to make space for the dental bridge.  In more complex or aesthetic cases a diagnostic wax preview is requested which will show the potential appearance of the bridge before the teeth are reshaped.  Sometimes a preview can even be shown inside the mouth to get a better understanding of how the final teeth will look.

The teeth are then prepared and shaped and checked against any diagnostic preview to make sure enough space is created.  An impression is taken to the laboratory for the final bridgework to be made and returned to the clinic for fitting.  You will be provided with a temporary bridge in between appointments to maintain the aesthetics whilst the new bridge is being made.  When the dental bridge is ready, the teeth are cleaned and the dental bridge fitting and appearance is checked with you.  This is then secured to the supporting teeth using a special dental adhesive and any minor adjustments are made where needed.

Confidental Clinic Surbition can provide a wide range of dental bridge  in a variety of material choices from all porcelain cosmetic bridges (emax, zirconia or gradia) or ceramic bonded to metal bridges.  Bridges can also be provided completely in a metal alloy if desired.  Call the team on 020 8399 1291 or to discuss your options to replace those missing teeth.

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