Dental Implants at Confidental Clinic in Surbiton

What Are Dental Implants?

At Confidental Clinic Surbiton, we have extensive experience in providing dental implants to solve a wide range of situations to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is supporting ‘anchor’ for teeth to be supported. The implant(s) are placed strategically in precise locations which give the best success. The implants are then allowed to heal and fuse to the underlying bone which provide the foundation for the final teeth. Dental Implants can be used to support single teeth, stabilise dentures and sometimes replace all the teeth in the jaw with a bridge supported on 4 to 6 implants.

Your Implantologist at Confidental Clinic Surbiton, Dr Jignesh Patel has a wide range of experience with dental implants and trained at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has placed hundreds of implants and is also involved in the supervision and training of other Implant dentists.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits of having dental implants placed when you have missing teeth.

  • Longest life expectancy compared to other alternatives
  • Preserves tooth structure compared to other methods to replace missing teeth such as bridges
  • Improve your confidence with chewing
  • Replace loose or poorly fitting dentures
  • Preserve and stabilise your own bone
  • Prevent movements of other teeth into the missing space
  • Natural appearance
  • Can be used to support single crowns, bridges and full mouth bridges or dentures

Implant Stages

During your initial consultation, and after discussing your goals with Dr Patel or our treatment coordinator, your teeth with be assessed generally to see if there are any medical contraindications to have dental implants.  The space(s) will be evaluated and you be informed of the general stages involved and the best options to achieve your goals.  A plan and rough estimate will be given and you will be invited to return for a more comprehensive assessment.

The teeth are assessed fully at the follow up appointment in order to ensure that dental implants are suitable for you and finalise the exact treatment stage.  This will often involve photographs, xrays and impressions to produce accurate models of the teeth.  Often we request CT scans which show the bone in 3D and allow us to evaluate the quality and quantity of bone available more accurately than more traditional methods.  This enables us to plan the implant placement accurately and an appointment will be scheduled to place the implant.

The implants are placed under local anaesthetic and the appropriate maintenance advice is given following the treatment.  Due to the accurate planning, the treatment time is often quick and very comfortable.  In most instances patients report little discomfort following the treatment and are usually back to work the next day.  You will be called afterwards to see how you are getting on and address any concerns you may have.

Once the implants have healed, your will be called back to start the process on manufacturing the final teeth.  An impression is taken of the implant and the teeth.   The impressions are then sent to a master technician who will scan them and start the process of fabricating a highly aesthetic and strong porcelain tooth.  The teeth will be returned from the laboratory ready for them to be fitted into the mouth.

It is important to have the implants inspected at regular intervals and seeing the hygienist regularly to maintain the gum health and bone around the implants.

What Implant Should I have?

Confidental Clinic Surbiton uses a number of implant systems for different applications to suit your individual needs. Dr Patel will decide which implant system will serve their purpose following your assessment.

All the implant systems used, are world leading companies and have long term research (over 20 years) behind them and predictability. We do not use any companies which have not been established in the field of Implant dentistry giving you piece of mind that you will have the best aftercare and support possible.


Dental Implants can involve significant time and expense and for your own piece of mind Dr Patel offers guarantees for your implants providing you keep up with regular maintenance visits. Speak to our team regarding our dental finance package also which help spread the investment of your new teeth into an affordable monthly amount.

If you think you could benefit from dental implants please contact our dental clinic in Surbiton to arrange a no obligation free quotation on 020 8399 1291.

Before and After Dental Implants

Full mouth upper Implant bridge and lower denture secured with Implants

  • Before
  • After

Failing Crown, replaced with Implant and Crown

  • Before
  • After

Missing molar replaced with Implant and Crown

  • Before
  • After

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