Dermal Fillers

As we age the support of our facial structures can deteriorate via the loss of collagen.  Facial features such lips and cheeks can be reinvigorated with the application of dermal fillers which replaces the collagen that has been lost. It can even be used for those who would like to enhance features that they already have.  Our cosmetic dentists at Confidental Clinic Surbiton are available to help you improve any features you are unhappy with.

We are now an accredited provider of Heart Shaped Lips™ .

Who needs dermal fillers?

  • Those wishing to reverse the signs of ageing on their face
  • Treatment of deep lines that cannot be treated with anti wrinkle injections
  • Cosmetic enhancement of lips and cheek
  • Cosmetic enhancing or reshaping of nose, chin without surgical methods
  • or just if you wish to look and feel younger


You will be seen for a consultation by our facial aesthetics doctor.  Following a full examination your treatment options will be discussed fully with you and a treatment plan given.

At you next treatment visit, the procedure will be explained again and you facial aesthetics doctor will do the treatment painlessly. Most procedures take around 30 minutes.

Once complete the doctor will give you all you after care advice and schedule you in for a review should you need it. We always want to make sure you are happy with your results.

If you are unhappy about some facial features and would like to discuss your options contact our facial aesthetics team on 020 8399 1291 or email us at


  • A non-invasive treatment with little downtime, so you can return to day to day activities straight away
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful looking appearance
  • Replenishes lost volume for a softer more younger look
  • Long lasting results

How dermal fillers work

  • We use a range of premium dermal fillers products that can help you achieve the desired result. It will depend on the area being treated as to which product our qualified practitioners would recommend as the most suitable.
  • Facial fillers can plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage.


How long does it last?

This results of dermal fillers can vary depending on the material used and the site of application.  In general however, the results last 12-18 months

Is it painful?

There is some transient discomfort from the application of the needle that delivers the dermal filler if you do not have anaesthetic.  However we can make the procedure totally painless by providing anaesthesia prior to the treatment. Our doctors at Confidental Clinic Surbiton  have lots of experience at minimising any discomfort.

What are the alternatives?

Anti wrinkles injections are also used to treat fine lines on the face but deeper lines may require dermal fillers.  It may be possible to try anti wrinkle injections first before the application of any dermal fillers, but this depends on the area being treated.

Other alternatives depend on the area being treated but fillers are usually an alternative to more invasive surgical methods


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