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8 August 2018

Why this popular facial aesthetics treatment is both safe and effective.

For a while now, we have been seeing an increasing number of patients come to the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton to receive facial aesthetics treatment. This perhaps, in spite of some of the ‘procedures that go wrong’ kind of TV programmes and magazine articles that seem to be popular these days. Whilst sensationalism is a great way to sell programmes, it rarely reflects the realities involved!

We should just say that, yes, some facial aesthetic procedures have gone wrong, sometimes producing significant unwanted facial changes. However, providing that you use a reputable practitioner, such as the members of our Surbiton facial aesthetics team, you should have nothing to worry about at all.

At our practice, we use Azzalure in our anti wrinkle treatments. The active ingredient in this is Botulinum A, commonly known as Botox. It is this ingredient that has received most of the negative publicity over the years, but in today’s blog, we look at the truth surrounding some of the scare stories about it.

It’s dangerous

It is true that Botox is a ‘toxin’, and, if used in excessive doses, could potentially be dangerous. However, the quantities used during anti wrinkle treatments are very small and should present no danger to our patients. Our team are fully trained and highly experienced, adding an extra layers of safety to this treatment. We will always discuss your general health and check to make sure that there are no circumstances why Botox would not be suitable at that time.

The effects of facial aesthetics can be extreme

Again, if used incorrectly, this is true, with the ‘trout pout’ being one of the most well known problems for patients seeking to have thinning lips plumped up, in this case using collagen fillers. It is probably notable that it seems to be celebrities who suffer from this, quite possibly due to requesting a more exaggerated outcome. Our team will offer full advice about the expected outcome of your treatment and reserve the right to refuse any treatment that we feel may be unsafe or result in too extreme an outcome.

The Botox stare

Some patients believe that if you have Botox treatment, not only will lines and wrinkles be removed, but facial expressions along with them. With our sensible and safe facial treatments, this will not happen, and you will be able to laugh or frown like everyone else.

You become more wrinkled when you stop treatment

Because the results of Botox do wear off eventually, many patients opt to repeat this treatment over a period of time. For a variety of reasons, some patients eventually stop and then notice that their faces are more wrinkled than before they started the treatment. The reality is that when you stop treatment, your facial wrinkles and lines will simply return to their natural state. The reason for an increase in wrinkles is simply the fact that you have grown older whilst you have been having your treatments. Anyone having a facial treatment as a one off; for example, for a wedding, should not notice any difference at all when the effects wear off.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles, as well as plump up lips, please call the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton to arrange an initial consultation on 020 8399 1291.

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