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4 September 2019

Regular check ups and diligent home care are essential, says Surbiton dentist, Minesh Patel.

Although there was a time when dental care was relatively basic and designed largely to keep as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, that is no longer the case. Whilst we DO, obviously, still aim for that, it is just a part of the wider remit of the dentist.

We now not only fill and extract teeth, but also replace them when missing with realistic teeth replacements such as dental implants. We also offer a full range of care for general oral health issues such as gum disease along with cosmetic dental treatments to help your smile looks great too!

A recent study showed that younger people especially, expected more from their dental care than their parents did. Around two thirds of these also said that having poor oral health would affect their work. Although this was more prevalent amongst women (67%), it was possibly surprisingly high amongst men too (49%). Perhaps with attractive smiles being more common amongst males on reality shows such as Love Island, attitudes amongst men regarding nicer looking teeth, certainly seem to be changing.

How can it affect work?

Painful dental problems such as a bad toothache will inevitably affect your work, whatever job your do. The discomfort often means that it will be almost impossible to focus on your job. The consequences of this may depend on the type of job you do, with someone who fills in spreadsheets likely to have less serious consequences than say a heart surgeon. Even a relatively mild throbbing toothache will distract us though and you should not delay seeking treatment for it. Our Surbiton dentists will always try to see anyone with toothache as quickly as we possibly can. Just call us for an emergency dental appointment to be seen as soon as possible.

It isn’t just a toothache though. Other problems such as gum disease, and even more aesthetic problems like crooked teeth can have a negative impact on your work, especially if your job involves working face to face with others, whether the general public or those in business.

Gum disease

Leaving aside any discomfort, such as sore gums caused by gum disease, one of its more unpleasant side effects is bad breath, or halitosis. As anyone who has come face to face with someone who has this will know, it can be a truly off putting smell. If you suffer from this, you are likely to find that your co-workers avoid having a face to face conversation with you and if you have any dealing in business, such as face to face sales, customers are more likely to want to get away from you as soon as possible, than to buy anything from you.

If left untreated, your gum disease problems could become serious and even result in the loss of teeth. Make sure to have your gum health checked at least every six months at the Confidental Clinic.

Crooked teeth

Whilst not necessarily a serious issue in itself (although it does increase the risk of problems like tooth decay), having a crooked smile can certainly affect your confidence. It is often said that  people judge us quite quickly based on our smile, and general standard of our teeth. Getting your crooked teeth straightened using a modern orthodontic system such as Invisalign could really change your smile, and your life, for the better, both at work and in your social life.

Don’t be one of the 27%

It may come as a surprise to our Surbiton patients that around 27% of British adults admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day. This is the very cornerstone of good oral care, and, if you fail to do this, you will almost certainly suffer from tooth decay, gum disease and possibly many other things, including root canal infections.

Whilst modern dentistry can now do wonders in restoring and replacing your teeth where needed, it is far better to avoid the need for this in the first place. Brushing your teeth should be the least that you should do to look after them. If you don’t already, you should also floss between your teeth at night. Add to this, a tooth friendly diet and regular six monthly checks at the Confidental Clinic, and there is every chance that you will have strong and healthy teeth and should be able to do your work with no oral health distractions.

If you have a dental problem that you have been ignoring, or perhaps are not even registered with a dentist, why not arrange to have a consultation with one of our Surbiton dentists and start to get your oral health back on track today?

To arrange a consultation, you can call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8399 1291. Our friendly, experienced team looks forward to helping you.

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