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15 September 2016

Our Surbiton dentists discuss the possible precursors to implant treatment.

At the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton, we know that dental implants offer an excellent opportunity to have strong, long lasting and trouble free replacement teeth. This option does require a relatively extensive procedure however, and it is therefore important to make sure that you are absolutely ready before treatment begins.

In today’s blog we look at a few of the things which could cause a delay for patients having this treatment. None of them however, prevent the procedure from going ahead, and may simply cause a short delay whilst the issue is addressed.

Too little bone structure

One of the most common reasons why we may have to delay an implant placement is when we discover, from x rays and scans, that the patient has insufficient jaw bone into which the implants can be placed. This can occur when a tooth has been missing for some time, and can also be exaggerated if the patient has smoked.

In order for a dental implant to be placed, there needs to be healthy and sufficient bone, and, in situations such as this, a bone graft or sinus lift may be necessary prior to the implant procedure. This will re-establish sufficient new bone into which the implant can be placed.

Gum disease

Dental implants require healthy gums and bone to be successful. One of the biggest challenges to dental implants comes from gum disease, and especially periodontitis, which can damage the bone structure. Any sign of this problem will need to be treated before we can place dental implants. You will also need to take good care to avoid this problem once you have had them placed.


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a serious problem if you have dental implants as grinding down on your implants may caused damage to both the implant and the underlying bone. This underlying problem may be stress related and not necessarily easy to resolve, consequently we will recommend that you delay having dental implants placed until any tooth grinding issues are under control. Dentures or partial dentures may be an interim option.

Dental Phobia

The dental implant procedure is one of the longer treatments that we perform. Anxious dental patients may find this a stressful situation, albeit one, that in reality, should be no more uncomfortable than many other invasive procedures due to the powerful anaesthetics we use. However, there is an option to help. To make sure that our Surbiton implant dentists are able to perform this procedure correctly, and to make the procedure less stressful for nervous patients, we also offer IV sedation which will help to ensure that you are totally relaxed throughout your treatment.

If you are missing some of your teeth and would like to find out more about this excellent tooth replacement method, please call the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton on 020 8399 1291.

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