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11 September 2017

A Surbiton dentist discusses gum health whilst wearing dentures.

In previous blogs we have discussed how advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss due to the deterioration of the bone in the jaw. When this degrades, it is no longer able to hold teeth securely in position, often causing them to become loose or even fall out altogether.

One or two new patients of the Confidental Clinic have, in the past,  jokingly suggested that this wouldn’t be an issue for them as they have already lost their teeth and their dentures sometimes fall out anyway. Although this was said in humour, it does raise some important points and considerations regarding dentures and the health of your gums.

Unstable dentures

If we take the example of someone who has lost all of their teeth and are wearing a full set of dentures, you might think that their gum health was not as important as someone who had healthy natural teeth. There are a few reasons why this is incorrect. Gum disease often causes bleeding gums, soreness and discomfort and the addition of dentures rubbing against these could cause quite significant pain for the denture wearer.

Additionally, gum disease is increasingly being linked with other health conditions such as heart problems, strokes, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease. It makes sense therefore, to keep your gums as healthy as possible to help protect your general health.

Advanced gum disease can also erode the bone structure, causing facial shape changes and even small changes can cause your dentures to no longer fit correctly. This can cause movement and instability of the dentures that can make eating more difficult.

Even if you wear partial dentures, the above may still apply. Modern dentures offer a much better experience that older types, but care still needs to be taken to ensure that you have a healthy mouth to continue to support them.

Dental implants

Even if you have opted to have dental implants placed instead of having dentures, your gum health is important, perhaps even more so. Dental implants depend on strong bone structure to hold them securely in place. If gum disease is allowed to progress and damages the bone, you may even lose your dental implants.

The good news for all patients of our Surbiton dental practice, whether you already use a tooth replacement method or not, is that gum disease can easily be avoided. Good general care, including both brushing and flossing, as well as supervision and professional cleaning by our dental hygienist should be sufficient to lower the risk of gum disease significantly.

Make sure that you have regular professional dental care by calling the Confidental Clinic of Surbiton on 020 8399 1291 for an appointment.

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