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8 July 2015

Avoiding a visit to the periodontist.

Gum disease is extremely common in adults, and can also affect children but this doesn’t tend to happen as often. It causes painful, sore, swollen or infected gums and most people will have experienced it in some shape or form at least once.

Although we provide a great deal of exceptionally modern cosmetic dentistry here at our local Surbiton dentist, we also provide general dentistry advice and treatments, and part of that is offering prevention advice and treatment for gum disease.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease usually starts when a buildup of plaque on the teeth irritates your gums. Plaque contains lots of bacteria and is made up of tiny debris that comes from what you eat and drink. If you don’t effectively remove the plaque on your teeth, it will irritate the gums and lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease which will cause your gums to bleed (this is when you see blood when you brush your teeth) and potentially cause you swelling and pain in the gums as well. It won’t cause any long term damage at this stage and can be readily treated with an improvement in your oral hygiene routine. When visiting us at our Surbiton dentist we will be more than happy to advise you on how to look after your oral health properly.

If Gingivitis is not successfully dealt with, it then has the potential to turn into the second stage of gum disease – periodontitis. During this stage you may suffer bone or tissue loss in the mouth because the infection becomes much worse.

How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

You can prevent gum disease by maintaining an excellent level of oral hygiene and avoiding smoking. You need to brush your teeth properly at least twice a day using a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste, and you should make sure you floss regularly as well. Regularly attending checkups with your Surbiton dentist at Confidental is also important, as they can check for signs of gum disease, provide you with advice and help on managing your oral hygiene routine, and thoroughly clean your teeth removing any hard plaque that may have built up. In severe cases of gum disease where bone and tooth loss has occurred we would need to perform a thorough dental assessment to consider what the best course of action would be to take in relation to your individual dental needs. It may be the case some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments are appropriate, or you may need to see a periodontal specialist to discuss your options.

It may also be the case you have been advised to visit your dentist more regularly because of certain health conditions or medications that can make you more susceptible to oral health issues. For example, people with diabetes or immune disorders may be more susceptible to gum disease. If you have been asked to attend checkups with us more regularly, you must ensure you do this so that we can actively help you prevent gum disease or treat any oral health issues you may have. Prevention is always better than cure.

Visit Us At Confidental in Surbiton

If you’re seeking advice about gum disease, suspect you may have gum disease or are interested in one of our wide range of general or cosmetic dentistry treatments, please give us a call on 02083991291 and we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you.

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