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23 May 2017

Our Surbiton dentists discuss how tooth sensation can indicate underlying problems.

As experienced cosmetic dentists, naturally we hear a lot from patients about how they would like their teeth to look. Some request whiter teeth, whilst others are more concerned about their crooked teeth and want them straightened as quickly as possible.

Equally though, the way our teeth feel is also important and may help us to know whether they are actually as healthy as they might look. Below, we take a look at some of the sensations that people experience with their teeth, along with potential causes.

Minor aches

Whilst patients will nearly always attend a local Surbiton dentists when they are in pain, some choose not to make an appointment where the discomfort is very minor. Even if you experience a level of discomfort that can be managed without painkillers, this is almost always a sign that something is wrong and should not be ignored. If you do not receive early treatment, you may end up with a severe toothache and in need of a more invasive dental procedure later on.

Uneven bite

Some patients barely notice an uneven bite, whilst for others, the way that their teeth meet feels unusual and, whilst perhaps not uncomfortable, may feel unnatural. Although this sensation may not cause any pain, if you have an uneven bite the likelihood is that, over time, your teeth will wear down and the enamel become damaged. In some cases, an uneven bite may even cause a tooth to break. It is best to have this problem corrected using one of our wide range of braces available at the Confidental Clinic.

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is not uncommon and anyone exposing their teeth to hot drinks followed straight after by an ice cold drink, is likely to feel this to some extent. Some patients have extra sensitivity which can make eating quite challenging and may make them think twice about what they can eat. Some sensitive teeth are caused by damaged enamel which exposes the more porous dentin layer underneath. Gum disease can also cause gums to recede, progressively exposing the root of the tooth and leading to sensitivity.

‘Itchy’ teeth

Some people suffer from ‘itchy’ teeth. Whilst this is not one of the more common sensations that people experience, it is likely to be a sign that all is not well. Because the external part of the tooth has no sensation, this means that the itch must originate from the pulp area in the root canals of the tooth. It may well indicate the early stages of inflammation or infection in this area and this needs to be checked by our dentist using our modern x-ray facilities. Should infection be detected, a root canal procedure may be necessary to restore the tooth to a healthy state.

If you have any discomfort with your teeth at all, even if it causes no major problems, you should make an appointment to see a dentist at our Surbiton practice as soon as you can. Preventative dental care is always better than attempting to restore a tooth once damaged. If the discomfort has happened suddenly and is significant, please ask for an emergency dental appointment and we will try to see you as soon as we can.

Please call the reception team at Confidental Clinic today on 020 8399 1291.

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