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Prevention of gum disease and other oral health issues

At the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton, we believe that prevention is better than treatment when it comes to a patient’s oral health. Whilst our experienced dental team are able to perform complex procedures that can save a compromised tooth, or even replace them with dental implants; the fact is that we would prefer it if these problems were prevented in the first place.

Whilst it is true that sometimes we have little control over the fate of our teeth, such as when a tooth breaks due to an accident; the fact is that much dental work can be avoided with good oral health care.

Whilst this must always start in the home, with good brushing and interdental cleaning, the role of our Surbiton dental hygienists, Janice Andrews and Rajvi Patel, can help significantly in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Gum disease

One of the key benefits that patients gain from keeping regular hygienist appointments is in the prevention of gum disease. Even with the best cleaning and interdental brushing, there will always be areas of the mouth which only a hygienist can clean effectively.

A hygienist performs two key roles in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis, which in advanced stages is a major cause of tooth loss. They are education and treatment.


However well we clean our teeth, some of our lifestyle choices can have significant negative effects on our oral health. Smoking is one which can cause major problems, not least the increased risk of mouth cancers. Our hygienists are able to explain the consequences of smoking and offer help and advice on how to stop. Alcohol consumption and diet may also be discussed with the patient.

One key area which many patients neglect is interdental cleaning, and it is here that plaque tends to be found. Our hygienist will explain how to reach these areas using interdental brushes or dental floss, to keep this area gum disease free.


To ensure that all plaque, and in particular the hardened version known as tartar, is removed from the teeth and gum line; the hygienist may perform a treatment known as a scale and polish. This is relatively straightforward cleaning that is performed without the need for anaesthetic.

By removing the tartar and assessing any other gum problems, you can leave our Surbiton practice with a healthy mouth and an action plan to help you to keep it that way.

If you have not seen a hygienist before, or for some time, why not contact the Confidental Clinic on 020 8399 1291 to arrange an appointment with Janice or Rajvi.

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