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9 May 2017

How we use the Six Month Smiles system to straighten teeth in shorter time.

A number of people are put off wearing traditional dental braces due to their “wires and brackets” structure being highly visible in the mouth. This is understandable and is one reason why many adults in the UK continue to live with crooked or uneven teeth.

As well as the way that this affects their appearance, it can also have an effect on the condition of their teeth; for example, an uneven bite may cause wearing down of enamel on opposing teeth.

For most people though, it is the appearance of their teeth which leads them to consider having dental braces in the first place. For those who have considered them, but may have been deterred both by the visibility and the long time that some types have to be worn, we have some good news! Our Surbiton based cosmetic dentists offer a solution in the form of the Six Month Smile orthodontic system.

What is the Six Month Smile?

As you may gather from it’s name, this system takes just six months for it to be effective. In fact, the ‘six months’ in the name is an average, and for patients who need minor corrective treatment, the treatment period may be significantly less. We will be able to advise an estimated time frame during your free initial consultation. Unlike some other orthodontic systems such as Invisalign, the Six Month Smiles system does use wires and brackets to move the teeth into position. Those who are concerned about the visibility factor will be pleased to know that these are not made from metal, as is the case with traditional braces, but from tooth coloured materials which are much finer and discreet and are barely noticeable to those around you.

The key to this system is that they are truly ‘cosmetic braces’ as they work only on the visible teeth that show when you smile. If you have crooked albeit hidden teeth; whilst these will not show, it is worth asking our Surbiton dentists about corrective treatment to prevent damage. For cosmetic purposes though, the Six Month Smile brace system offers an excellent way to comfortably re-position your teeth in just a short while, leaving you with a great looking smile!

Whiter teeth

Although certainly not compulsory, patients might also wish to consider having their teeth whitened, once straightened, in order to further improve their appearance. Our home teeth whitening system is both effective and convenient to use, allowing you to do so in your own home. If you would like to know more about this, please discuss this with your dentist.

If you are in any way unhappy about the way that your teeth look, or if you have any dental problems at all, why not contact the Confidental Clinic in Surbiton on 020 8399 1291 to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly dentists? We will be pleased to discuss the options available to give you a nicer smile.

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