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19 July 2016

Seek professional help from the implant dentist at Confidental Surbiton.

It’s not just about cosmetics …the importance of replacing a missing tooth is also to restore the maximum function, keep the alignment of surrounding teeth, and maintain facial contours.

The most appropriate option available for you will depend on a variety of factors that you should discuss during your consultation with your dentist at Confidental Clinic in Surbiton.

A popular and excellent approach to replacing a lost tooth is the dental implant. Implants are a premium solution we offer to our patients and they are a widely used and effective method these days. Implants are the answer to your perfect smile and a better oral hygiene too. Basically, an artificial tooth is used in place of your lost tooth whereby a titanium rod is placed into your jawbone where your tooth is missing and the crown (artificial tooth) attached to it.

There are several other methods used for replacing missing teeth but none is near to the dental implant because it mimics the natural tooth root and prevents future loss of bone, which in turn can affect the other teeth as well.

If you opt for other methods like a bridge, it is essentially a temporary fix; there is no bone preservation and it is not as strong or natural looking as an implant. Longer term, methods such as a bridge can actually be less cost-effective when compared with a dental implant.

Since, some patients are worried about the surgical procedures we need to assure you that at Confidental Clinic Surbiton our dentists work with a painless approach.

Main advantages:-

  • It is a reliable method
  • It feels the same as your own natural tooth, easy to clean, easy to floss
  • It doesn’t require any type of drilling or filling of the tooth next to it (unlike a bridge)
  • Fully functional tooth
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The jawbone remodels and rebuilds
  • Will integrate into the jawbone, feeling rock solid just like your natural tooth
  • It is cost effective and a long term solution

Summing up, dental implants are the best method for replacing missing teeth. It is an aesthetic pleasing solution product bringing back your self-esteem and confidence, along with that perfect smile! Please call us on 020 8399 1291 and a member of our friendly staff will arrange a free of charge consultation.

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