NHS Dentistry

NHS dental treatment in Surbiton

At Confidental Clinic we can offer new patients to the practice NHS treatment. 

If you decide to join the practice as a NHS patient your Dentist would be Dr Stephen Nkansah and Dr Reena Jasani .

They can also offer private treatments if patients request them such as having a white filling instead of a silver amalgam filling. They would ask the patient to sign a form agreeing that on this particular treatment the patient has agreed to a private fee.

NHS treatment offers patients a good basic standard of care. Which will keep patients pain free with good standards of oral health.

NHS Braces for Teenagers

Our team are also pleased to provide teeth straightening braces for teenagers via the NHS. Currently we have no waiting list for our teen braces service and we will be happy to see you very quickly. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please note that the provision of braces on the NHS is subject to conditions and eligibility. Please ask for details when you contact us.

NHS treatments charges

(From April 1st 2019)

NHS treatments charges are 'capped' and fall into 3 bands as follows:

Band 1 - x-ray, simple scaling and examination - £22.70

Band 2 - fillings, extractions and band 1 treatments - £62.10

Band 3 - dentures, crowns and band 1 and 2 treatments - £269.30

Band 4 - emergency dental treatment - £22.70

For full details, please see the detailed information provided by the NHS at the link below:

The NHS fees increase every April.

We can offer patients at Confidental Clinic all types of treatments that are now available in modern dentistry. Tooth Whitening is very popular but unfortunately these types of treatment are not always available on NHS.

When visiting Confidental Clinic discuss with your dentist all aspects of dental treatments that are now available. Your dentist will be very happy to answer all your questions.


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