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8 December 2017

Our Surbiton dentists discuss vaping, the most popular alternative to smoking.

If you are planning to include stopping smoking on your new year resolution list, then we are delighted for you. Not only will this mean that you are less likely to suffer from heart related problems and lung cancer, but your oral health will benefit too.

As we have previously mentioned, smoking not only increases the likelihood of gum disease, but potentially that of oral cancers too.

There are many ways that people do manage to stop smoking, including patches, gum, and of course, will power, but there is little doubt that one of the most popular methods has been the switch to vaping, or e-cigarettes.

Why vaping?

Vaping is probably the most popular option as a cigarette substitute, as it replicates the actions, both with the hand and the mouth, of smoking a cigarette. This helps to make the transition seamless for a lot of people.

As vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, little is currently known about the long term effects on health, and studies are being carried out to find out about this. Whilst it is not in the remit of our Surbiton dentists to decide whether this is a safe option or not, the general consensus is that it is very possibly safer than tobacco based products. However, we cannot and would not endorse its use.

Vaping – effects on oral health

Whilst the long term effects of vaping are not yet fully understood, there is one potential issue which can lead to oral health concerns. Nearly all vaping liquids do contain nicotine. It is this inclusion which makes the transition much easier, with fewer withdrawal symptoms than many of the other ‘stop smoking’ products currently available.

Nicotine is known to cause a narrowing of the blood vessels, which, in turn, restricts the blood flow to the soft tissues of the mouth. This may lead to a reduced ability to fight infections and ward off harmful bacteria, possibly leading to gum disease.

Although vaping may not carry the immediate risks of smoking tobacco products, it is still important to remember that it can still cause some problems, such as gum disease. To make sure that your mouth remains healthy, you should ensure that you visit the Confidental Clinic on a regular six month basis, both for a dental check up and a professional clean by our dental hygienist. Providing that you do this, there is every chance that your mouth will remain trouble free.

Whether you smoke or not, we are here to help you to look after your teeth and gums. You can make an appointment at our Surbiton dental practice by calling us on 020 8399 1291.

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