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21 July 2017

Cracked, chipped and badly stained teeth can look great again!

It is not unusual for a patient to come to our Surbiton practice, asking to have their teeth whitened. In most cases, following an examination of their teeth and general oral health, we are able to do this using a straightforward teeth whitening procedure.

To some other patients though, we may have to tell them that they would not really benefit sufficiently from this particular procedure. This usually applies to patients whose teeth are either very badly stained or are chipped or cracked.

All three of these problems means that a whitening procedure would likely be insufficient for their needs. In the case of badly stained teeth, perhaps those of a heavy ex smoker, there may be some improvement, but the results would probably not be as significant as they might expect. In the cases of chips or cracks, a whitening treatment would not touch these, and, indeed, may highlight these flaws even more.

Replacing the enamel

Once a patient’s teeth have suffered from this type of damage, the best and least invasive solution is to replace the surface enamel of the teeth with a porcelain veneer. This is an increasingly common and popular procedure for patients with this type of problem.

The procedure itself does involve removing a fine layer from the damaged front surface of the tooth which is done using a dental bur and is performed after a local anaesthetic has been administered. Once the teeth have been prepared in this way, impressions are taken of the teeth and sent to a dental laboratory for the manufacture of the veneers. This process usually takes a little over a week, and temporary veneers will be fitted to protect your teeth in the meantime.

Upon the return of your new veneers, we will remove the temporary ones and attach your new veneers before finally trimming and polishing them to give them a great looking and natural appearance.

Long lasting

Dental veneers generally last in the region of ten years or so but this will depend on how well they are looked after and any lifestyle habits. Although quite rare, some social habits such as opening packets with your teeth or biting your fingernails, may cause the veneers to become detached. In the unlikely event that this does happen, simply contact the Confidental Clinic and ask us to re-attach them. Please do not attempt to do this yourself!

Our Surbiton cosmetic dentists are always happy to see new patients, and especially those who may have given up on ever having nice looking teeth again. With modern cosmetic dentistry, there are few challenges that can’t be met and it all starts with an initial consultation where we will examine your teeth and gums and discuss your options with you. Why not arrange yours now by calling our Surbiton dental practice on 020 8399 1291. We’ll be pleased to see you and get you on course for a lovely new smile!

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