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6 August 2015

Saving a root-infected tooth from extraction.

Here at our Surbiton dentist, we understand that root canal infections can be incredibly painful. Root canal treatment is performed in order to deal with the infection that causes the pain. As well as a huge range of cosmetic dentistry, we also offer a full range of general dentistry treatments, including root canal treatment.

A root canal infection can occur when the bacteria inside your mouth find their way into the tooth because of tooth decay, filling gaps or because the tooth is damaged in some way.

What Is The Root Of The Tooth?

Adults have 32 teeth and every tooth has two main sections, the bit you can see and the bit you can’t see. The bit you can’t see is the root of your tooth, and it goes all the way from just under the gumline to your jaw. The root of the tooth has something in it called dental pulp which fills the entire root canal, some teeth even have two or more root canals.

What Is A Root Canal Infection?

The dental pulp in your root canal has lots of nerves and blood vessels inside it, which is one of the reasons a root canal infection is so painful. When bacteria reaches the dental pulp, it kills the pulp. This infection then spreads and continues to damage the areas of the tooth it reaches. If the infection reaches the bottom of the root canal it can pass through into the jawbone. When infection spreads it causes pain and swelling not only in the tooth and in the mouth, but in the jaw and cheeks. Here at your convenient Surbiton dentist we commonly have patients visiting us with excessive pain caused by root canal infections. We understand how painful and in some cases, debilitating a root canal infection can be, which is why we work to prevent an infection in the first place, or if an infection does occur, we work quickly to treat it.

How Do You Treat A Root Canal Infection?

When you come into Confidental for root canal treatment, we will work quickly to remove the bacteria causing the infection. After a complete and thorough assessment we will discuss your options with you. Depending on the severity of the infection, we may be able to clear the bacteria from the root canal, or we may need to remove the tooth completely. If we are able to save the tooth, we will remove the bacteria from the root canal, then fill the canal and seal the tooth to stop any future bacteria entering the canal. It may be that we need to place a filling or crown on the tooth in order to completely seal it. If your tooth does need removing we have a wide range of dental implant and denture options for you to consider.

After the treatment has been completed the pain and swelling will subside naturally within a few days.

Root Canal Treatment At Confidental, Surbiton

We use the most up to date dentistry to treat root canal infections. Our general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry experience combined will ensure we not only successfully remove the infection, but ensure any crowns, fillings or replacement teeth used to seal the area are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We also use local anaesthetic during the procedure so you won’t feel any pain at all while the work is being done.

If you would like to visit us about a root canal issue, for a general checkup or to talk to us about some of the other treatments we offer, please give us a call on 020 8399 1291 and we will be more than happy to book you an appointment.

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