Same Day Dental Implants

One of the latest techniques available now at Confidental Clinic Surbiton is the Teeth in a Day (also known as All on Four) concept. Our Implantologist, Dr Jignesh Patel offers this treatment for his patients where the teeth can longer be repaired or those who don’t want to wear dentures anymore. Generally, this process involves the placement of implants and the connection of fixed teeth all on the same day. This allows our patients to leave our clinic being able to look and feel confident with their teeth all in a day. The technique itself has a proven track record and has been able to transform the lives of many people who have been unhappy with their teeth.

Who is Suitable?

The teeth in a day concept provided at Confidental Clinic Surbiton can help the following people:

  • People who want to replace their dentures with fixed teeth
  • People who cannot wear or tolerate dentures
  • People who teeth are failing and cannot be repaired easily
  • People with failing teeth where a good cosmetic outcome cannot be achieved with conventional methods
  • People who don’t want sinus lifts or bone graft procedures
  • People who would like to improve their chewing ability with fixed teeth

What does Teeth in a Day Involve?

There are several simple steps needed in order to benefit from the great result achieved with the All on Four technique. During your initial consultation where the Teeth in a Day / All on Four technique is explained in more detail, your main desires will be identified and the following steps are then followed:

Stage 1 - Assessment

As with all implant procedures records are taken of the current situation including photos, X-rays and impressions. Further information is also recorded and your main wishes and desired outcomes are detailed. CT Scan xrays are often requested at this stage giving a 3D simulation of the jaws and thus enabling our Implantologist to accurately plan the treatment. Once all the information has been collated and the treatment has been planned, the full treatment plan will be discussed with you in preparation for the placement of the implants.

Stage 2 - Implant Placement

When you arrive at our clinic the treatment will be discussed with you prior to commencing. Four to six implants are accurately and gently placed, and a series of impressions are taken on the same day. These impressions are handed over to the master implant technician who will be present on the day. Our master technician will then carefully make fixed temporary teeth based on the impression and designed to suit your requirements. Upper and lower jaws can be treated on the same day using this technique and sedation can be provided where requested.

Stage 3 - Fitting of the Teeth

On the same day, these temporary fixed teeth are then checked and connected to the implants. Final adjustments of the bite may be carried out at this stage. Only small adjustments are likely to be needed at this stage due to the detailed records and assessment taken prior and during the surgery. You will be given all the aftercare advice required and reviewed following the surgery to assess the healing.

Stage 4 - Review

Whilst healing is taking place you will be able to test the new teeth in terms of function and form. Over the following 3- to 6 months, adjustments can be made to the existing bridge in order to refine bite and also serve as a reference for the final position, size and colour of the teeth.

Stage 4 - New Teeth

Once the implants have fully healed with the underlying bone, and you are happy with the adjustments and the final bite, new impressions are then taken and sent to the laboratory. They will then start the fabrication of your final teeth. The final teeth can be made from a variety of materials such as carbon fibre, or state of the art computer milled titanium base with zirconia or acrylic teeth.

Call our dedicated implant team on 020 8399 1291 or contact us to see how we can transform your smile and confidence with dental implants and the All on Four Technique.

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