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16 April 2019

A natural looking smile is worth saving. Our Surbiton dentists offer some tips that can help.

In the USA, April is ‘Save Your Smile’ month. Whilst this doesn’t exist in the UK, we thought that it was a good idea anyway, and that we would share some advice based on that, with patients of the Confidental Clinic.

Much of the American campaign seems to revolve around wearing protective headgear when playing American football but we believe that the campaign should extend beyond that!

Face and mouth protection

Given the focus of the USA campaign, we probably shouldn’t ignore the real risks to our teeth when we take part in certain sports. Some, such as boxing or rugby, involve significant risk to the teeth and it makes common sense to wear a mouthguard during these activities. Most sports will contain an element of risk though, and whilst there may be less contact, there is still a real possibility of being hit in the mouth by a stray cricket, football or even hockey ball. Patients who take part in these, and similar, activities, may wish to consider some form of mouth protection too.

Maintaining healthy teeth

Some of us may require cosmetic dentistry to help us get to a stage where we are happy with our smile, whilst others may be born lucky and have a naturally attractive smile. Whichever is the case, once this has been attained, it doesn’t mean it will always remain that way, and we need to be conscious that if we don’t look after our teeth, what was once an attractive smile may eventually be anything but.

The most obvious thing to say here is that all patients need to maintain good oral care, both at home and with the assistance of our Surbiton family dentists. Consistent brushing and flossing should be an essential component of this, as should regular appointments, approximately every six months, with the hygienist.

When things go wrong

Hopefully, with good regular care, any treatment that is needed will be relatively minor, if needed at all. Sometimes though, we may notice small changes in our smile that we are not happy with, such as when a tooth has moved slightly and has started to overlap an adjacent one. This may seem quite a small thing, but not only does it affect the visible aspect of our smile but may also be the start of more significant changes if the issue is not addressed.

Relatively minor cosmetic changes to our teeth can often be corrected fairly quickly; in this particular case, it may be possible to use an orthodontic system that is designed specifically for cosmetic correction of the visible front teeth. The Inman Aligner is one of the most popular systems for this purpose and is available at our Surbiton practice.

We want you to have not only a healthy smile, but a great looking one too! Our friendly cosmetic dental team are always available to discuss with you, anything that you are not satisfied with regarding the appearance of your teeth. There are many treatments now available that specifically address this issue, including the ever popular teeth whitening procedure. By listening to your wishes and discussing the available options, we are sure that we can help you to have, and keep, a great looking smile.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation to discuss making improvements to your smile, please call the confidental Clinic on 020 8399 1291.

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