Smile Makeover

A smile gives away a lot about an individual. 

A bright, healthy looking smile can give you a confidence that you had never experience before.  There are many options to transform your smile into something that you can be proud of.  Our premises in Surbiton are bright and modern and overhead television screens provide entertainment, making the whole process relaxed and comfortable for you.

At Confidental Clinic Surbiton, we have years of experience in providing our patients with smile makeovers.  Essentially a smile makeover is a process by which features of your teeth are changed giving you a bright, beautiful and confident smile.  Different aspects of cosmetic dentistry are involved during a smile makeover including tooth whitening and some teeth recontouring.  Procedures such as tooth whitening, cosmetic braces, dental veneers, dental implants can all be combined to produce the goals you require.  In general however, a smile makeover traditionally involves porcelain veneers.

What is involved?

Stage 1:  Designing the Smile Makeover

During an in depth consultation with one of our smile designers at Confidental Clinic Surbiton, your main wishes and current situation is recorded and photographs will be taken.  This enables us to start planning the treatment involved and seeing what is possible and the procedures required.  The options will be discussed with you and an estimate given.

Often the designed smile is replicated on plaster models after impressions are taken and shown to you.  We can make any changes that you wish at this stage.  Once you are happy with the smile that has been designed we can then begin the process to replicating this in the mouth.

Stage 2:  Preparing the Teeth and Provisional Teeth

The teeth are gently reshaped as required based on the corrective work required.  This is usually carried out under local anaesthetic but in some instances the reshaping is so mild that no local anaesthetic is required.  Once reshaped, accurate impressions are taken of the teeth and send to the laboratory.  Temporary teeth are made based on the previously designed smile and fitted to the teeth.  You will be shown the new temporary teeth and adjustments can be made on these teeth as required.

Stage 3:  Review

The teeth are then reviewed and any changes / adjustments to the temporary veneers are made.  These changes are recorded and sent to the master technician in the laboratory who will be responsible for producing the final teeth.

Stage 4: Fitting the Teeth
Your bright new smile is checked and fitted and rechecked with you.  Once you are happy with it, we will then secure the new teeth with a special dental adhesive.  Any minor adjustments and polishing is carried out and your smile makeover is then complete!

Before and After Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Case 1 - Upper and Lower Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Crowns and Veneers

  • Before treatmentBefore
  • After treatmentAfter

Smile Makeover Case 2 - Upper Cosmetic Veneers

  • Before TreatmentBefore
  • After treatmentAfter

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