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12 September 2016

Did you know that your smile is one of your most important assets? Not only does a straight white smile make you look more physically attractive and younger, but it also gives the impression that you’re a friendly, confident person who clearly looks after themselves.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, then you’re certainly not alone; celebrities such as Cheryl Fernandes-Versini and George Clooney have both undergone smile makeovers. So if you wish you had a smile like theirs then a Smile Makeover can make your dreams come true.

We regularly see people who dislike the way their smile looks but the good news is that here at Confidental Clinic there are many ways we can remedy this. To help you understand more about the smile makeover procedure and how it can benefit you, we’ve put together an infographic packed with some interesting statistics and information about the treatments involved. So scroll down and familiarise yourself with this exciting cosmetic procedure.

So what exactly is a Smile Makeover?

In essence a Smile Makeover is a collection of cosmetic and dental procedures which can all be used to improve a patient’s smile. What makes it different from the stand alone treatments we provide is that it is totally unique to each individual, so no two smile makeovers are ever the same. For example one patient may need orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth before undergoing teeth whitening to make them sparkle. Another patient may want to have a missing tooth replaced with a dental implant and then have some veneers fitted to disguise their badly stained front teeth.

How can we help?

We’re pleased to be able to offer the following treatments as part of a smile makeover:

Our dentists are all very experienced and highly skilled and carry out these procedures on a daily basis, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We never cease to get pleasure from the look on our patient’s faces when they see their new smile for the very first time. In fact many of our patients have stated that their Smile Makeover has totally transformed their lives for the better.

How does it work?

A Smile Makeover is essentially a design project whereby we’ll ask you what you like about your smile and what you don’t, and how you would like your new smile to appear. Once we’ve got a full understanding of your requirements, we’ll discuss your best options and the treatments required to achieve your vision. We’ll then put together a timeline and a price so you know just what is happening at any one time.

Because we want all of our patients to be able to benefit from the wide range of treatments that we provide, we offer a variety of finance plans to help you spread your payments, so no worries there!

If you’re interested in having a Smile Makeover then why not take advantage of our free consultation. You can contact us direct on 020 8399 1291 to make your booking or use our contact form on the website.

So why not take the first step to achieving your dream smile and get in touch today? We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

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