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16 November 2015

How some foodstuffs contribute to better oral health.

Here at our Surbiton dentist we provide all the general dentistry treatments needed to keep your oral health ship shape. We also offer lots of cosmetic dentistry treatments if you want to completely makeover your smile, or enhance it with treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and white fillings.

In between appointments your dental care is down to you and fortunately there are lots of things you can do to maintain good oral health including; avoiding bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking), flossing, brushing and eating and drinking the right things.

At Confidental in Surbiton, we love reading new information about the best food and drink for the teeth. Superfoods are a relatively new addition to most people’s diets, and there seems to be a new one being raved about weekly. With that in mind, we thought you might like to know which superfoods not only benefit your overall health, but have specific benefits for your teeth:

Lemongrass – This gorgeous smelling ingredient is quite the superstar when it comes to health benefits. It is a natural healer, full of cancer-fighting properties, antioxidants and it fights bacteria as well to boot.

Green Tea – Known for its powerful antioxidants, flavonoids and general healing properties, this delicious herbal tea helps control inflammation and can help reduce bad bacteria in the mouth that contribute to tooth decay and bad breath.

Strawberries – These delicious red treats are known to be a natural teeth whitener (Catherine Zeta Jones swears by them!) Plus they can also help with tartar reduction and because of their antioxidant benefits they also have cancer fighting properties too.

Kiwi – Super high in vitamin C these tangy, furry treats help with teeth whitening and combating teeth staining as well.

Ginger – This popular stomach-settler has anti-inflammatory benefits which help boost your metabolism and help your mouth tissue to be healthier.

Basil – This delicious addition to pasta and tomato dishes has loads of antimicrobial properties which help combat oral bacteria and inflammation.

Pineapple – These totally tropical fruits are fibre rich, vitamin c rich, and help with digestion. They can boost your immune system and help fight inflammation known to contribute to disease.

Kale – Who would have thought kale teeth could actually be a good thing for the smile? This popular green leafy vegetable is jam packed full of enzymes, fibre and helps with digestion. Because it is so fibrous it acts like a natural toothbrush in the mouth, taking out debris from between the teeth and around the gums. We say – Kale Yeah!

Mint – Naturally, chewing on mint leaves is an easy way to freshen your breath. It also helps give your teeth a see-through film which helps stop your teeth from staining.

Dark Chocolate – Yay! This delicious treat is great for overall health because it is flavonoid and antioxidant rich (as long as it is over 70% cocoa). It also has loads of ingredients that are beneficial to your oral health including polyphenols and the flavonoids which work to reduce bacteria and inflammation in the mouth.

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