Teeth Whitening in Surbiton

If you have tired looking and stained teeth, a great way to brighten your smile is with tooth whitening. 

What does it Involve?

A variety of tooth whitening procedures are provided by our dentists at Confidental Clinic Surbiton.  Our friendly dentists will assess your teeth for the suitability of the teeth to be whitened prior to discussing which options will work best.  Once decided, the tooth whitening process is started by taking accurate impressions of the teeth.

Customised whitening trays are then made and you will be invited back for the whitening trays to be fitted and instructions given on how to use the whitening gel.  Once you have whitened the teeth for 14 days you have the option of selecting an in office treatment where the whitening process is accelerated or continuing with the home whitening kit. Confidental Clinic Surbiton offers Zoom or Enlighten whitening in house procedures as well as our own Confidental Clinic home whitening system.

Does it affect my teeth?

No.  Providing the teeth are healthy prior to whitening the teeth, the whitening process only removes the stain from within the tooth and does not affect the structure or strength of the teeth.  Teeth can be sensitive during the whitening process which is normal but resolves as soon as you have finished whitening your teeth.


Teeth Whitening Before and After

Teeth Whitening (take home kit)

  • Before
  • After

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