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12 April 2016

Embarrassed about stained and yellowing teeth? We can help….

Tooth discolouration is one of the most common reasons people come into our friendly clinic to talk about cosmetic dentistry treatments.

It can be very distressing depending on the extent of the discolouration – some people simply want a bit of a lift in colour, whereas other people struggle to even smile without covering their mouth for fear of embarrassment. For the latter, treating their stained teeth is able to make a really positive change in their lives.

The Causes Of Stained Teeth

Stained teeth can be caused by so many different things, and it is important to remember that staining is quite different to yellowed teeth. Yellowed teeth can be caused by medication or even your genes, whereas stained teeth are from your habits only; however, both issues can be problematic for some people and you can have both issues at the same time. Common causes of stained or yellow teeth can be:

  • Your Diet – The food and drink you consume can stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, wine and other food and drink can stain your teeth
  • Smoking – Smoking tobacco stains your teeth very quickly
  • Problematic Dental Hygiene Routine – Perhaps you aren’t brushing enough, or properly, or you aren’t using the right toothpaste – an inadequate dental hygiene routine can cause staining of the teeth
  • Disease & Medication – Certain diseases can change the colour of the teeth, and certain medications can do the same thing
  • Ageing – Teeth will yellow and dim as we age
  • Genes – Your genes can cause you to have naturally yellow teeth
  • Injury – Trauma to the teeth can cause their colour to change

Preventing Teeth Staining

By making a few adjustments you can easily stop your teeth becoming discoloured, or reverse the effects of staining. Stop smoking (great for your teeth and your overall health!), cut down on the wine and coffee you drink, follow your local Surbiton dentists advice on your dental hygiene regime and visit us regularly for checkups.

Whitening Treatments At Confidental In Surbiton

If you would love your teeth to be whiter and brighter than they are now, there are dental treatments available to help you. Professional teeth whitening both in-house or at-home could be a great option for you. Alternatively if the teeth are also misshapen or chipped, it might be worth looking into veneers or bondings, or a complete smile makeover if you need a combination of different approaches to complete your perfect smile. We provide a wide range of professional restorative cosmetic dentistry treatments all offered on a personalised recommendation.

This means we always offer a consultation before any work is completed to ensure the treatment plan is transparent, all your questions are answered and that you are suitable for the treatment you want. If you are ever unable to have a certain treatment because you are unsuitable, we will offer a range of alternatives.

If you’re interested in any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments please call us on 02083991291 and we will be more than happy to provide additional information or book you in for a consultation.

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