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Gaps in our smile can often impact on our confidence and can prove problematic when we speak or eat.

If you would like to restore the function and appearance of your teeth and enjoy a healthy smile and teeth that work effectively, dentures may be the answer.

Replacing missing teeth is important for your oral health and your appearance.

Cosmetic dentures are a traditional and affordable option.

They can help to improve the shape of your face, offer support to your cheeks and lips and create a more youthful appearance.

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are made of resin and created to replace lost or removed natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentures are an effective and affordable replacement for natural teeth – and thanks to advances in new technology, not only look like natural teeth but function like them too.

We take the time to ensure any dentures are a comfortable fit and restore your appearance as well as the function of your teeth so you can smile, eat and speak with confidence again.

We use the latest technology so you can enjoy the benefit of a high quality restoration.

Our team will ensure your dentures feel and function, as they should – and just like your natural teeth.

Dentures should sit snugly upon the gums without rubbing and restore confidence in your smile and when you speak or eat.

With us, you can be sure your cosmetic dentures will offer:

  • Comfort and improved chewing function without compromise
  • A more natural looking smile
  • Protection for the remaining natural teeth and gums.

What type of denture do we offer?

We offer the cost-effective acrylic option – or cobalt chrome dentures that are a slimmer fit. The slim metal framework makes the denture strong and robust, with clasps to ensure stability.

Full dentures are used for patients who have lost their entire upper or lower arch of teeth, while partial dentures replace multiple lost teeth.

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