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If you have a chipped tooth or teeth with surfaces worn with age, we can eradicate the visible signs of wear and tear by placing a crown.

Also known as a cap, the placement of a dental crown is considered one of the best procedures to help save a tooth.

A dental crown works by protecting the remaining part of the tooth that has been compromised or weakened to provide a biting surface that functions and looks like a real tooth.

A dental crown covers and protects the tooth.

It is discreet and works like a natural tooth, which means you can be confident in your appearance as well as enjoy renewed comfort.

To restore the shape, size and function of your teeth and to improve the aesthetics of your smile, we often suggest that a crown is fitted over an existing worn-out tooth, discreetly blending with your natural smile.

A crown:

  • Restores a tooth’s natural appearance and function
  • Can be colour matched to blend with your natural teeth
  • Looks authentic
  • Functions like the surface of your natural teeth

When might you need a crown?

  • When a tooth is cracked or worn
  • When a tooth needs strengthening to support a large filling
  • When the health of a tooth is compromised by injury or decay
  • To help keep a dental bridge in place
  • As part of root canal treatment
  • As part of dental implant treatment

Your comfort is important to us and we offer a selection of sedation options to meet your needs and ensure your treatment is pain free.

For further details about how we can bridge those gaps with comfortable and effective dental bridges, click here.

If you think you would benefit from tooth restoration, contact us so we can discuss your suitability and your care plan.

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